Gondola is black – Why the venice gondola is black?

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Gondola is black – A long story behind …

Why the gondola is black ? Behind the gondola color there is a long story, discover it!

Lets find out why the gondola is black: Over the years has undergone many transformations both as regards its structure, both the aesthetics. In fact, the historical Regata (Regata Storica), in particular during the parade, you can see so many kind of venetian boat and gondolas belonging to the ‘500 and immediately you can see how these boat change during the past years. The first thing you notice are the colors in fact, the old gondola where well decorated, with amazing color (typically the gold). Today, however, the gondolas are all black, but why? The traditional black color, the origin is due to the use of the pitch to waterproof the hull, even though this color is extended to the entire craft. It is this extension of the color that there are several hypotheses.


Why the gondola is black
Why the gondola are black? – Foto di Sabatino di Guliano dal sito: Sabasan.com

Some argue that they are all black to commemorate the fall of the Serenissima, others to commemorate the fifty thousand victims of the black plague occurred in 1630, even if the hypothesis is that accredits most today are black for an order by the Senate during the years of the Serenissima. The first gondolas were the means of transport used primarily by noble families and were mainly nobles, to turn them into a means of luxury. Their gondolas were characterized by a huge luxury, painted with garish colors, drapes and went gold inlays which symbolized the power and luxury of their noble family. The decoration of the gondolas became gradually more and more apparent, as a competition between noble families to indicate the increasing power of each of them. So it was that at the time the Senate to put an end to this competition, he decided that all the glitz of the gondolas were eliminated and that all were equal. Decrees were issued, beginning in 1609, aimed at limiting the excessive pomp of the boats that henceforth had to be painted all black (or at least covered with a woolen cloth of this color that covered what c ‘was below). The Senate at that time chose the black because it was, and still is, the color that represents the elegance, and the mourning (as many mistakenly believe), at the time of the Serenissima was the red color of mourning. It was therefore very suitable for a vessel shapes as sinuous, slender and therefore so elegant. Is this the real reason why today all the gondolas are black, yes to represent the elegance of this vessel but also a wonderful city like Venice.

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