Who was Marco Polo – Venetian merchant traveler

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Who was Marco Polo – History of Marco Polo

History of Marco Polo a incredible venetian merchant traveler

In September 1254, an individual who is still remembered to date was born in Venice. His name was Marco Polo. His father is a man named Nicolò. He was a man who engaged a lot in trade and mercantile activities and as such he became so wealthy. When Marco was born, he received good training and education on mercantile subjects. He also learned his tool of the trade from his uncle and father. Marco also learned foreign currencies and how to handle cargo ships.

Marco’s travels – Marco Polo Travel Map

Marco Polo Travels Map
Marco Polo Travels Map

Marco Polo was a renowned merchant traveler. He was a Venetian whose wide travels to various parts of Asia mainly have been kept to date in documented means. Marco Polo was one hardworking, shrewd merchant. He learned this tool of the trade from his uncle and father. Marco Polo in the company of both his father and Uncle made one epic Journey to Asia and stayed there for quite some time. After being in Asia for about 24 years he returned to Venice and found the war at the time. Venice was at loggerheads with Genoa. Upon his return, this Venetian merchant traveler was jailed. He went on and narrated his expeditions and business conquests to a fellow who was his cellmate.

Narration of Marco’s experiences to fellow the inmate

Marco not only narrated a detailed account of his expeditions and travels to the fellow cellmate but also he added some collected stories and brief anecdotes on China’s current affairs. Much more is highlighted in the book that talks about his experiences. The book which highlight his travels give a detailed account of the journeys that Marco engaged. It also serves the vital purpose of giving an inner insight into the workings and trading activities of countries in East. Japan, China, and India are some of the countries in which the book gives a comprehensive insight into the workings and trades that took place in the past.

Marco Polo House - Corte seconda del million
Marco Polo House – Corte seconda del million

Marco’s release and later life

In 1299 months of August, Marco Polo was released from prison. He returned home and found that his father and uncle had amassed substantial amounts of wealth. For instance, the duo had bought a large house named Corte del Milion. He took an active part in the Company, and soon Marco became a very rich man. He financed other expeditions but after the release from jail he never left Venice again. In 1300, he got married to Donata, a daughter of a merchant called Vitale. Together they had three daughters namely; Moreta, Bellela, and Fantina.

Death of Marco Polo

In 1323, Marco Polo was bed ridden because he felt ill for quite some time. Physicians tried all they could save the life of Marco but as it turned out they did succeed. Before his death, Marco did something that is still remembered today. He appointed his immediate family as the main stakeholders and caretakers of the vast properties. He made it a point also to divide several of his properties to individuals, every guild and religious institutions that he belonged. He also sure wrote-off many debts. Marco is still remembered today for his expeditions and travels.

Marco Polo Tv Series

Marco Polo Tv Series - Netflix
>Marco Polo Tv Series – Netflix

There is also a interesting new TV series about the life of Marco Polo, of course is not a documentary but give a well idea about the years Marco’s life. The series for the moment is available only on Netflix, for the moment i’m at the episode 5 and i will let you know in the future my opinion about this series.

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