Where to drink the Spritz in Venice

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Where to drink the Spritz in Venice? What is the History of the Venetian Spritz?

Useful tips about bars in Venice where to drink Spritz, the famous drink very loved by the Venetians.

The Spritz … surely you must be wondering why i’m writing a article based on the Venetian Spritz on this a blog, a blog that speaks about the gondolas. As you may have noticed by now surfing Venice Gondola pages you can find not only information on gondolas and everything about it, but also useful tips for your next visit to Venice. So.. today i’m going to talk about this typical venetian drink that will part of your experience during your visit here in Venice. Now.. let’s see why…

A bit of history of  the Spritz

where can i drink the Spritz? Venetian aperitif
where can i drink the Spritz? Venetian aperitif

Spritz aperitif is a well-known not only in Venice city but is also well-loved around the Triveneto and you still need to know that there are many discussions about who own the first original recipe, its creation is in dispute between Venice and Padua. Today when you visit Venice [/ button] or other neighboring countries, you’ll noticed a lot of people, especially young people and older people sitting in the numerous bars with this drink orange or dark red, the drink they are holding is in fact the Spritz with Aperol for the orange version or with Campari for red and darker, the color of the Spritz was originally very different. It was white / yellow with bubbles and its color was given by simple mixing of wine and sparkling water, this was and still is the real Spritz. More info on Wikipedia

Spritz Veneziano Variants

Le versioni dello Spitz - Campari, Aperol, Select
Spritz most popular variants – Campari, Aperol and  Select

There are several variants of Spritz and the original recipe changes from country to country and you can find it with various changes in other regions of Italy. Surely the most popular is the Aperol Spritz, because the orange appetizer, for its lighter taste and sweet and not too strong graduation making the experience more enjoyable especially for those who are not lover of strong flavors and bitter. These flavors we find them in the most dark and red variants such as the Campari Spritz, “my personal favorite”. Perfect for people like me looking for a bitter taste, it will be the right Spritz for you. There is also the version with the Select, Cynar and of course the original base version with white wine and sparkling water. Some venetian prefer do drink the Venetian Spritz adding the Prosecco instead of white wine, making the taste more lively and less flat, personally a little tweaking but it’s worth recommended by the International Association of bartenders IBA by their recipe, of which we will see the differences below.

Recipe Spritz IBA vs. The Venetian recipe

The IBA the International Bartenders Associations sets the rules on the interactions cocktails and drinks as well including the Venetian Spritz recently become world famous with versions also commercial. Here the IBA has written a recipe trade, perhaps the most used for the appreciation from the trendiest clubs in Northeast.

The recipe for the Spritz by IBA:

  • 6 cl Prosecco
  • 4 cl Aperol or Bitter depends of your choice
  • Adding soda / seltzer

While a Venetian recipe includes:

The recipe for the Venetian Spritz:

  • 1/3 Sparkling white wine
  • 1/3 of bitter
  • 1/3 of sparkling water

How do you see the recipes are very similar, then we go to taste now see where to drink a good Venetian Spritz in Venice.

Where do drink the Spritz in Venice

where can i drink the Spritz? Venetian aperitif
Osteria Ae Forcoe in Venice – Spritz Aperol and Campari

At the time you put your first feet in Venice, immediately can feel another air spinning around you, a warmer air where there are no cars, a place to live walking through the narrow streets of Venice in the company of a good aperitif. You’ll notice the large amount of bars of any kind present in Venice and will they continue to open new one, it seems to be one of the few remaining business managed by real Venetians. If you want to drink the Venetian Spritz you can find it everywhere, even in the Chinese but obviously will not have the same experience of drinking it at a local historic Venetian bar in Piazza San Marco, or in some cicchetteria in one of the many “calli” of Venice. As mentioned in other previous articles in Venice Gondola it does not mean that you have to leave your wallet to the bar owner to drink and eat 🙂 , understand the right price for a Spritz should be 3 or € 3.50 by calculating the version with the addition of Aperol or Bitter. Surely you’ll want to go to Bar in the historic St. Mark Square where you can drink a really good Spritz accompanied by music in one of most beautiful squares in the world. But how much can cost? If you will drink the Spritz at the bar with even some snacks offered at the bar, you’ll pay a price € 4.50, if you think is a great deal to be in the Venice center, but if you’ll try to sit at the tables adjacent the price will increase so much. I want to suggest another bar near St. Mark and St. Maria Formosa and 5 minutes from the Rialto Bridge is theOsteria Ae Forcoea friend of mine, where to drink the Spritz with typical Venetian cicchetti. The location is strategic and is frequented by many Venetians making your visit to Venice unique. Anyway, there are so many bars in Venice, and i will not list them all, but if you’ve been lucky enough to try the Spritz in Venice and want to share your experience with other readers VeniceGondola.com, simply leave a comment.

Lo Sprtiz Infographic by Etra Comunicazione
Lo Sprtiz Infographic by Etra Comunicazione

Infographic Spritz Veneziano

A beautiful infographic created by renowned graphic studio Etra Communication that makes learning the recipe of the Venetian Spritz very simple and visual. Explaining how it is prepared Venetian Spritz.

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