What are the Venetian Gondola Races? 120 Regattas to enjoy

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Discover what are the Venetian regattas, in addition to the famous Historical Regatta.

Many competitions are popular in Venice during the year, discover the most important.

Voga Longa
Tradizioni Veneziane – La Voga Longa – foto dal sito: Hotel-monaco.it

In addition to the Historical Regatta which is one of the most important and most anticipated events at Venice, there are other important races in which it is possible to attend every year. The races that take place in Venice in fact are more than 120 from April to September. Many of these regattas coincide with traditional festivities and festivals in Venice and are organized by the Municipality of Venice (Comune di Venezia) and others associations, in order to develop more of a sport that is Venice and its maritime culture. Among the races that you can attend each year there are:

  • La Regata di Mestre’, inaugurating the rowing season and sees compete caorline 6 oars
  • La Regata della Sensa’, which is linked to the Festa della Sensa and relive the history of Venice. During the race you can see gondolas with 4 row.
  • La Regata di S.Erasmo’, is the first race of the season reserved to women. In fact includes 3 gondola races: young people who compete on pupparini 2 oars, women mascarete 2 oars, men on pupparini 2 oars.
  • La Regata dei SS. Giovanni e Paolo’, which includes 2 races, men of pupparini 2 oars and oar young people on gondolas in 1. This second competition decreed that the winner can participate in the regatta of Murano law of gondolas in an oar.
  • La Regata di Murano’, takes place on the island of Murano and includes 2 races, women on pupparini 1 oar and men on gondolas in 1 oar.
  • La Regata di Malamocco’, takes place during the feast of Our Lady of Marina and includes 2 races, women mascarete 2 men on rowing and rowing caorline 6.
  • La Regata del Redentore’, takes place on the weekend of the Feast of the Redeemer, with start and finish in front of the temple of the Redeemer. Includes 3 races: young pupparini on 2 oars, men on pupparini 2 oars and samples of gondolas in row 2.
  • La Regata di Pellestrina’, takes place on the island of Pellestrina the first Sunday of August on the occasion of Our Lady of the Apparition. Includes 3 races: young pupparini on 2 oars, women mascarete 2 oars and men on pupparini 2 oars. Anticipate the Historical Regatta which takes place on the first Sunday of September.
  • Regata di Burano’, takes place on the island of Burano and is considered a bit ‘the revenge of the Historical Regatta, since it is held on the third Sunday of September, two weeks after the famous race. Includes 3 races: young s upupparini 2 oars, women mascarete 2 men rowing a gondola and 2 oars.
  • Vogalonga’, is a non-competitive race dedicated to all fans of the Venetian rowing
  • Palio delle Repubbliche Marinare’, reminiscent of the ancient maritime republics: Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice. Four crews will compete remieri each representing his city.

Each of these races has its own importance, and then there being so many you can watch at least one of these at any time of year you are traveling to Venice.

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