Video – How to build a gondola

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Video of Venice – How to build a Venetian gondola

Did you ever wonder how they built the Venetian gondola? Watch this documentary

Come Costruire una Gondola Venezia - il Video su Youtube
How to build a Venetian Gondola? – Full video on YoutTube

Discover step by step how to build a gondola? On these pages of there are many useful information regarding the construction of a Venetian gondola, it describes Gondola parts which they are built and where the gondolas are created. All these information you can easily read simply browsing this blog. But today I wanted to share a video that would give a full experience to all of you and guide you during the building of the most famous venetian boat. I found a very interesting video on YouTube explain step by step  how to build a Venetian gondola produced by “Art Movie – Screenplay and Director: Mauro Zardetto” where a beautiful narrator will talk about the magical world of Venice and its craftsmen who carry out a craft that has been handed down until today. If the video does not load above the page you can view it at: “” I hope you enjoy!

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