Venice Regata Storica 2014

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Venice – Regata Storica 2014

Information on the program for the Venice Historical Regata 2014

Finally arrived, the main event calendar for races of Voga alla Veneta. I have already wrote on other article and I have explained the purpose of this race, however you can read about the “Regata Storica here”, however i will summarize the all thing, if you do not want to search on the site.

Regata Storica di Venezia prezzi 2014
Venice Regata Storica 2014

This race (regata) takes place every year, is the most beautiful racing along the main canal of Venice, the Grand Canal (that is the only one can be call Canal, all the others “water street” are called in the venetian dialect “rii” . Before the competitions, take place the procession that it show the most famous historical boat craft of the sixteenth century. Beautiful boats realize with wood and decorated in with unique details, on top of these boats you can see the gondoliers in costumes for this celebration. I wrote, the are dressing costumes, and now i explain why to you. Usually gondolier dress black pants and a shirt with red or blue stripe and a hat. For this manifestation they dress a special dress, and they are there to carry the Doge (il Doge), Duchess, and of course all the head Venetian Judiciary. What a unique and spectacular event, that combine past and present and let you understand how much powerful and important was the “Republica Marina di Venezia.
The event go on with the start of ompetitions, and their are divide by 4 categories. The most wanted is the races by “Gondolini”, because the partecipanti are the most talent and strong gondoliers / competitors in this event “Regata Storica”. These particular gondola, are more lighter of the regular so let who vogue them, go very fast.

All the competition go to the end when the last gondolino, pass the end line, situated in front of “Palazzo Ca’ Foscari”. Read also the official website of the Regata Storica di Venezia.


All the rates below are taken from the official website i linked before, which can be changed, so always verify.
Adults Euro 60,00
Boys: Euro 30,00
Children under 6 years old free
No seat assignment and accompanied by an adult.

Residents of the City of Venice:

Adults Euro 30,00
Boys 18.6 years: Euro 15.00
Children under 6 years free, no seat assignment and accompanied by an adult. To residents of Venice City is required to show a photo ID.

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