Venice in the world – as is shown in several places

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Venice in the World – We can actually find Venice in different places.

Venice in the World – this city is not unique anymore – There are at least 97 Venice around the World!

It is interesting to find out how a unique city like Venice, it can be found in different parts of the world. Venice in the world is the title that I wanted to give this article for the “Curiosity“, this magnificent city with a fascinating history that shows off the shoulders and beautiful palaces along the Grand Canal, it attracts many tourists every year, and is a among the top destinations in the world for cultural trips, love and family. Around the world, many investors have wised up, and they thought to build structures that remind Venice or in amusement parks, shopping malls, hotels and so on. Of course, the question that has been made is one, how nice it would satisfy a dream for all the people who can not travel to Venice and provide the opportunity to live a unique experience, staying in their own country, perhaps by including the gondoliers !? Surely we all know the great hotel “The Venetian Hotel” to LAS VEGAS in the United States of America, a structure that is incredibly look like Venice, even they built the Grand Canal and customers can take a gondola ride in the city in the game d ‘chance. It must be said that after the great success of this hotel, the phenomenon of Venice have their own “in house” without traveling too far, it has expanded and we can find all kinds with the basilicas of San Marco, the Rialto bridge and gondoliers from Canada to Brazil and from London to Japan.

Venetian Hotel Las Vegas - Venezia nel mondo
Venetian Hotel Las Vegas – Venice in the World

Let’s take a close look how they rap present Venice in The World:

  • The Venetian Hotel – Las Vegas, NV, USA (Probably the most well crafted construction abroad that rappresent Venice. Inn in addition to being one of the best of Las Vegas for size and amenities, features of the structure and a name that attracts millions of customers every year. this magnificent hotel represents many historical places of Venice, admire the Doge’s Palace, the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile of San Marco, the Ca ‘d’Oro. above is very interesting as the Rialto Bridge whizzing many cars, an unusual scene for a Venetian who visit this hotel.
  • Little Venice – London, UK (It is located in the south of Maida Vale, does not have a real structure as it is known in the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, but this area was called “Little Venice“, to the confluence of two channels “Regent’s Canal and Grand Union”, the name of the City of the Doges was given by a historian in mid-nineteenth century English poet – Robert browin
  • Venezia a New York – Yes, there is a Venice also in the state of New York, specifically in a rural area that does not remember anything of Venice itself, with palaces, monuments, but also being a swampy area in 1868 was created a small village by the name “Venice” for its construction reminiscent of the first piles of Venice.
  • Venezia in Brasile, in 1891 there was a large immigration from the Venetians and many of them chose Brazil as a destination, and founded “Nova Venice”, this village or town which now has 12,000 inhabitants shows off the main square, as if to recall the origins of origin of the people of “Nova Venice”, a black gondola. Also, if you are going to visit this village you will find still a lot of phrases in Venice exposed in stores.


The Venetian Hotel Cina - Venezia nel mondo
The Venetian Hotel Cina – Venice in the World

Le Venezie in the world, as the title suggests, are well 97 if they are distributed as follows, (32 in the United States, 22 in Brazil, 16 in Colombia, 6 in Mexico, four in Nicaragua, three in Ecuador, Guatemala and Costa Rica, 2 in Bolivia, El Salvador and Peru, 1 in Canada. If you know more or if you happen during your travels around the world to find you a photo and send it to us!

  • Kinney – which takes its name from Abbot Kinney, Venice is artificial, so to speak, the most recognized in the United States, as it was built over a swamp not far from Los Angeles and was in the news because they were called as many as 36 gondoliers who were put to row to the canals of the city, now this “city” is part of the great metropolis Los Angeles.
  • Macao in Cina on the 2007 was inaugurated a giant hotel, which is a copy of The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas
Epcot Venezia - Venezia nel mondo USA
Epcot Center – Venice – Venice in the World

Another structure reminiscent of Venice, is inside the theme park Walt Disney World in Florida, specifically in Epcot Center, where they are represented two gondolas (non-functional), the Palazzo Ducale (smaller version) and the Bell Tower San Marco. I personally worked there for 3 years!

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