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BOOKS ABOUT VENICE – REVIEWS: The Secrets of the Grand Canal by Alberto Toso Fei

The Secrets of  the Grand Canal by Alberto Toso Fei

Mysteries, Anecdotes, and Curiosities About the Most Beautiful Boulevard in Venice

I segreti del Canal Grande - Misteri Venezia - Alberto Toso Fei
The Secrets of the Grand Canal -Venice Mysteries – Alberto Toso Fei

In past days, I was documenting myself about Venice, i was looking for information on stories, mysteries and legends of the buildings that rise along the Grand Canal (Canalaccio). I went on (the italian version of, where i usually browse the books and ebook, i think you can really find good deals! I stumbled upon a book of Venetian history wrote by an expert on the mysteries of Venice. His name is Alberto Toso Fei. Because i live in Venice for so many years, i already knew him as a writer, but I had not yet read “The Secrets of the Grand Canal“, and just by reading the reviews on Amazon, I understand that it was probably the book with the information with all i need to enrich my cultural heritage of Venice. All we know, in our life, to have success we need to never stop to learn and training so we can reach ours goals and achieve them in the best way, so for the project I invested my 15.75 euro discounted price on, which I gladly spent. In only two days, i received the book at home and I immediately notice how well done made was the print size of this book and the colors of the cover, that make me think that I can find information written by a professional writer. The funny thing that they have decided to do, is the method of reading, you can actually read this book in two ways.

On the one hand are described mysteries and curiosities from the “Punta della Dogana to St. Clare (S. Chiara)” and if you turn it the other way you can discover the mysteries from the Railway to the Piazza San Marco.
Each page of this amazing book, features photos at the bottom of the famous venetian building along the Grand Canal. For example starting from the Punta della Dogana, we will find the story of the “Monster of black water” and so on up to St. Clare, other stories and mystery. At the center of the book, I found it very useful map of the Grand Canal, where it is stylized highlighted the location of all the Venetian palaces with each a reference number. Even them very well taken care of the game of numbers in reverse with respect to one side of the Grand Canal, making you realize that you have to turn the book. Secrets of the Canal Grande offers unique content, a study by research carried out by Alberto Toso Fei that will immerse you in a Venice that you have never known before, a mysterious Venice, the Venice that has been passed down over time. In addition, this book published by La Toletta – Editions is available in several languages. I recommend it personally, to all of you. Below is the link to Amazon to order it and receive it comfortably at your home!

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