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Ci sono Spiagge a Venezia?

Venice Beach – Italy – Where is it?

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Can i go to the beach in Venice Italy?

Which beach in Venice to choose? What are the beaches near Venice

You are planning visit Venice during the summer? Temperatures in Venice during the summer are perfect for the beach, surely many tourists who come to visit the lagoon city will have done a little thought to spend even a day outside of museums, churches and the crowded streets of Venice and then go beach in Venice. Today, I answer the questions that most people make regarding Venice and its beach resorts.

Can i go to the beach in Venice? Where to swim in Venice

Best choice for beach near Venice?
Best choice for beach near Venice?

Some people think the water in Venice very dirty, and it’s true, but not for the beaches in Venice, in fact you can enjoy a beautiful beach at Lido di Venezia (12 km of coast) where are located the beaches of Venice between private and public. You will have the opportunity then to swim in the Adriatic Sea – You should know that the Lido even in 2014 was awarded the “Blue Flag” which is a standard of quality of the sea on Italian beaches, reconfirming the “health” and “cleaning” the beachesveneziane.

Features of the Adriatic Sea

Mare Adriatico - Mappa
Mare Adriatico – Mappa

If you want to go to the beach at Venice Lido, in my opinion it is also interesting to know some information about the Adriatic Sea, just to have a greater knowledge. I will devote a few lines of the article about it. The Adriatic Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea is about 800 km long and its width is about 500 km, being a sea not too deep in fact only 1.222m its temperatures are very hot in summer. Venetians was called “El Canal” as if to bind it to the Grand Canal, perhaps because the Republic of Venice had control of many ports in this area. This sea has an average salinity of 3.8% according to the source where you can find more detailed information. Closing parenthesis, a great sea, where he spent a day at the beach!

How to reach the Lido from the center of Venice

Raggiungere il Lido di Venezia in motonave
Raggiungere il Lido di Venezia in motonave

You should know that the time to reach the beach in Venice varies from the boat that you will use, but roughly it is about 15 minutes from Piazza San Marco. There are several alternatives to going to the beach, if the day is definitely very crowded board the ship, which are so spacious and not having to make stops along the way, it’s definitely an excellent public transport to reach the Lido of Venice, the ticket price is still the standard for services ACTV. The boat can be taken from San Zaccaria, the main foundations in front of the Palazzo Ducale and famous hotels like the Hotel Danieli. Another alternative is to take the normal vaporetto, but they are very crowded and you know that in the summer in Venice gets really hot, especially in July because of the large percentage of moisture. The ACTV line to reach the Lido are line 1, 52, 42, 62 and the transit time is always 20-30 minutes.

Where are the beaches in Venice?

Initially I only mentioned the Lido di Venezia as Venice Beach, because being the closest to the city, but if we look in detail the Venetian lagoon where Venice is located precisely, then you have several options available although not exactly distant less than 45 minutes / 1 hour. Other beautiful beaches near Venice:

  • Jesolo
  • Bibione
  • Caorle
  • Cavallino Treporti

Jesolo is definitely more suited to a young audience, given the large movement of young people who go there during the summer and the numerous night clubs and bars. Jesolo can be reached by boat, the same that you can use to go to the Lido of Venice, look carefully at the destination should be number 13. To get to descend to Jesolo Cavallino Preporti and from there you have to take the bus with the ATVO, so be careful not part dell’ACTV, you will need another ticket, and do not be clever, always check the ATVO tickets. Lido di Jesolo, there are many options to stay not too expensive despite the high season, in fact, many tourists prefer to stay during the summer months in Jesolo / Cavallino saving a lot of money to go on day and night in Venice.

There are night clubs in Venice Lido?

To this question I answered on another article about the nocturnal activities to do in Venice, but rewrite briefly some information on this article (Venice by night). The Lido of Venice, which stretches just 12 km, has a few bars and a private beach that becomes nightclub in the evening, but for these parties have to keep you informed on sites like where festivals are promoted daily.

There are public beaches in Venice Beach?

Spiaggia Privata Hotel Excelsior al Lido di Venezia
Spiaggia Privata Hotel Excelsior al Lido di Venezia

The Lido of Venice coming from Grand Avenue, you’ll see just before the sea is the Bland is called Buemoon, impossible to miss, thanks to a large white building that put that spot in evidence. Here this is the entrance to the public beach, you do not worry it is very clean and safe, also for some years, in fact since the opening of Bluemoon there is also a bar and if you do not want to stay on the sand with your towel, but you want a deck with umbrella, no problem will also rent them. The public beach in Venice is located between “Zone A Beach” and “Des Beins“, these two beaches are part of the private beaches of the Venetian coast area, most are owned by prestigious hotels, like the Hotel exelsior, (see the picture) very famous because frequented by famous actors during the Venice FIlm Festival.

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