Venice at night – Where to go in the evening

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Venice at nightWhere to go in Venice after 5 pm

Why Venice at night is not good? Where to go to in Venice at night? Evening walk through the Venetian nightlife

Venice is a beautiful city by day to admire the beautiful buildings, bridges and fields but especially to understand how the Venetians lived during all these years. Venice at night turns into another city, quiet, mysterious and empty. It is interesting to see this phenomenon of emptying the streets of Venice after dark, in fact, if the day there are over 100,000 people in the evening is as lot if there are 5000 in the whole city.

Surely you’re wondering, but the Venetians what they do in the evening? Where are the typical meeting places to have fun in Venice?

Venice at night is empty - Why?
Where the venetian people go in Venice at night

The night spots for the “nightlife” Venetian are very few, and often many tourists who see Venice as a small but important city expect, clubs open all night as it can happen in the capital and then remain a little ‘disappointed. I grouped the bar / lounge bar where you can share a drink and a fun night out with friends. Surely areas of Venice more haunting by the young, are Campo Santa Margherita (a very large field with several bars, a meeting place for a drink and meeting late into the night of college students and Venetians also middle-aged. The erbaria, to the foot of the Rialto Bridge was very popular 4/5 years ago, thanks to the strategic position that the central facility’s meeting in Venice from all districts of Venice and is close to Piazza San Marco, where many tourists stay. Today the 2015 Venice frequented by young cocktail bar have been converted into a wine bar that are currently in demand, given

Venice by Night 2015 - Where the venetian people go to have fun
Venice by Night 2015 – Where the venetian people go to have fun

the average age of the population of Venice. In fact, as you read on the web and several guides, one of the problems of Venice is just the loss of many young people as the displacement of families to the mainland and then to nearby towns such as Venice Mestre and Marghera. An alternative to the bar there are “bacari Venetian” to spend time with his woman, and take a nice bottle of wine and sit on the shore some rio and immerse yourself in the romantic Venice, the Venice not noisy, but that makes us think and remember the good times.

VENICE AT NIGHT: Local nightlife in Venice

Hard Rock Cafè a Venezia - Live Music - Venezia di Notte
Hard Rock Cafè a Venezia – Live Music – Venezia di Notte

Name: Hard Rock Cafe
Address: San Marco, Bacino Orseolo 1192, Venice
Bus ACTV: Valaresso or San Marco Tel: 041 5229665
Hours: 11:00 to 01:00 – Kitchen: 11.00 – 24.00

Hard Rock Cafe, this company is present virtually everywhere in the world, only in Italy we have 3 (Rome, Venice, Florence) and as well as offering tasty dishes in style Hard Rock, is famous for its cocktails and the experience that is offered to customers. Entering this restaurant / cocktail bar you can have a drink listening to nice music (often LIVE) and enjoying a beautiful view. In fact, the Hard Rock Cafe in Venice, near Piazza San Marco is located precisely at the Bacino Orseolo ‘stazio’ gondolas. You must know that it is the smallest Hard Rock Europe but is realized in a historic building with a beautiful chandelier inside red Murano Glass signed by Venini, the floor of the ground floor where there is the bar, is a Venetian floor. Precise well that I even had the opportunity to work for the Hard Rock and i can just recommend it!

Skyline Roof Top Bar in Venice at Mulino Stucky by Hilton
Skyline Roof Top Bar in Venice at Mulino Stucky by Hilton

Name: Skyline Rooftop Bar
Address: Giudecca Island, 810 – Venice
stop ACTV: Palanca (Giudecca)
Tel: 041 2723311
Hours: Daily from 10:00 to 01:00

This beautiful lounge bar is one of my favorites because of its location, although out from the center of Venice, but at the island of Giudecca, it allows you to enjoy extraordinary views of Venice. The Skyline Bar, was built on the top floor of the Hilton Molino Stucky, a beautiful and prestigious hotel Hilton signed it as the name is set in an old mill of the end ‘800. The bar offers original drinks, great for a drink but not only, I recommend it for an evening with friends after dinner. Prices of cocktails while being inside a hotel is more than good. Only negative if I may call it, is precisely the position a little ‘uncomfortable.

Venice Jazz Club - Venice
Venice Jazz Club – Venice

Name: Venice Jazz Club
Address: Dorsoduro 3102 – Venice
ACTV stop: Ca ‘Rezzonico
Tel: 041 5232056 Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat from 19:00

If you need a place where there is good Jazz music (also LIVE) listening to tributes composers and musicians who have made the history of Jazz, this is the place for you. Also great to meet lovers of “serious” music and have a good drink or an excellent wine. In the case of live concerts, the price is 20 euro including first drink. I personally have not been there so many times, but I hear it’s improved a lot as a place in the last few years.
Other lounge bar worth visiting in Venice by night:

Blues Cafe – Dorsoduro district, 3778 – Venice) – (Santa Margherita)
• Devil Forest Pub – Campo S. Bortolo Bar of a friend of mine, very popular with tourists American and British nationality, great in the evening when there are games on TV football / rugby atmosphere inside of turns and becomes surreal. Definitely a must during your visit to Venice.
• At the Holy Drinker Pub – new road (great to enjoy good beers with live music) – Pub my friend Angelo, located in new road then 10 minutes from the station and 10 minutes from Rialto, attended by many Venetians and tourists the quality of the beers and often live music. Recommended!
Coffee Margaret Duchamp – Dorsoduro district, 3019 – Venice (Santa Margherita) This bar is located in a strategic location, right in the center of the Campo Santa Margherita, having plenty of seating outside, and being open during daylight hours, offers a large menu of drinks and is very popular with young people.
Tarnowska’s American Bar – Sestiere San Marco 2497 – Venezia
Bar Dandolo – Riva degli Schiavoni, 4196 – Venice (For those looking for an elegant place, this bar is located within the famous Hotel Danieli.

These are the places for me to go Venice at night, of course, I repeat there are many bars, but there is no real night clubs as a disco, in that case you really need to go to dance, the only way is to go outside Venice, at Marghera, or during the summer there is Pachuka a local beach that at night becomes local night club with music and lots of fun. Another alternative would be to go to Jesolo, but only in the summer because during the winter there is nobody! As written earlier, to find movement in the evening in Venice you have to go at the area Santa Margherita. You can comment on this article, suggesting your club you love most!

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