Useful Venice Apps for your iPhone when you visit Venice

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A selection of Venice Apps that will help you when visiting Venice

A wide selection of applications for your smartphone to use when visiting Venice. Venice Apps for iPhone.

Apps per la tua visita a Venezia
Selection of apps for your iPhone to have if you visit Venice

Nowadays, we are all technology, even the elderly now have a smartphone and use it know, I thought I would write an article about the best apps to download free and not if you decide to visit Venice. This list of useful apps for your smartphone is designed to help you choose the one that suits you. Let’s see which apps to choose.

Venice Guide by app:

This app is not present for a long time in the app store Italian, however, it has several free information on Venice, which routes, news, see muses, artists, and history of Venice. The user interface is very well organized and easy to navigate. The weight of the app Venice Guides is only 24.5 mega therefore does not occupy much space on your smartphone. I recommend this app for continuous updates and the wealth of free information without the need for a data connection. Currently, this app is available in Italian and English for both iPhone and for iPad.
[appstore id=”483264534″ store=”EN” style=”smallbox”]

h!tide Venice app:

This application is sure that all Venetians have it installed on your iPhone because of its usefulness. h!tide developed by Diego Pizzocaro can check real-time forecasts of the tide in Venice and then to know if you were behind the move during periods of high water in Venice. This beautiful and useful application for iPhone and Android weighs only 1.1 megs and is a “MUST HAVE” if you are visiting Venice in the period between November and February.
[appstore id=”469821030″ store=”EN” style=”smallbox”]

Venice Travel Guide “Ulmon” app:


Ulmon App
Ulmon App

App comprehensive guide of Venice really well taken care of, that allows you to put Trai favorite places that we visited and then returned. For each point of Venice, there is detailed descriptions and curiosity. Very nice also the function to plan the trip, allowing you to add the places we want to visit and create a list to have everything at hand, when we go out in Venice. This app for iPhone and iPad does not need the internet, in fact once downloaded you will see the map offline. Only flaw a bit ‘ heavy, about 70 megabytes, but the weight is justified by a lot of information in it. Very recommended.
[appstore id=”332120643″ store=”EN” style=”smallbox”]

My art Guide Venice Art Biennale:

This app is for all lovers and curious of the Venice Biennale, you can stay up to date on the latest exhibitions available during the period of the Venice Biennale
[appstore id=”629085647″ store=”IT” style=”full”]

Italy Travel Guide by Triposo:

This app is created by the famous and very complete site guides Triposo, honestly one of my favorite even when I visit other cities and I want to find interesting information about the places I visit. This app is very heavy weighs 525 megabytes then you see that he had a lot of space to install, but installed this app with the complete guide of Venice will not be disappointed .
[appstore id=”447762736″ store=”EN” style=”smallbox”]

Momondo app for Flights and Hotels in Venice: is one of my favorite sites to search for hotels and flights around the world, as you know already also has its own search hotels , but if you want to have an app that allows you to save in booking flights and hotels in Venice , suggest – However I noted that the prices when search for hotel in Venice from the browser is much better than when using the iPhone app.
[appstore id=”436736538″ store=”EN” style=”smallbox”]


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