Top questions and answers about Venice

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Top questions and quick answers about Venice

Many questions and answers about Venice, here all the right answers

Venice Top Questions and AnswersHere a complete article with all the top questions and quick answers about Venice, you don’t need to spend hours looking for the information you need, because already put together all the information you need about this amazing city, Venice.

I hope this few quick answer about Venice will help you planning your trip to this unique city and feel free to leave a comment if you have more questions and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!

  • How Big is Venice
  • Where can i park my car in Venice?
  • Where can i do shopping in Venice?
  • Which vaporetto boat ticket to buy?
  • How long does it take from the airport to reach Venice center?
  • Where to Sleep in Venice?
  • How much will cost a gondola ride?
  • How much will cost a water taxi in Venice?
  • What does acqua alta means?
  • Where is the beach in Venice?
  • Is it Venice safe?
  • Where can i get the map with vaporetto routes?
  • How long is it a gondola ride?
  • How can i safe money visiting Venice?
  • Where is the best exchange currency place in Venice?
How Big is Venice? |Venice is not so big but there is a lot to see, lets say you can easily walk and visit all the main island from one side to the other side in about 1 hour. Of course to visit all main hotspot i suggest at least 2 days.  
Where can i park my car in Venice? | If you decide to come to Venice with your car don’t worry there is a area call P.Roma opposite of the train station, where are available 2 main garage “Garage Comunale and Garage San Marco, where you can leave your car in safe hands, but get ready to spend few money at these parking garage, the price start from 25 euro a day. Other option you can find reading the full article “Are there cars in Venice?”  
Where can i do shopping in Venice? | If you love shopping Venice offer also a vast area where to find any kind of shops from the typical venetian shop (even if not a lot anymore) to the classic famous name boutique. The main area in Venice to shopping are Via XXII Marzo near Hotel Bauer 5* like 5 minute from St Mark Square. Rialto area have a lot shops near the feet of Rialto Bridge and actually on top of Rialto Bridge, i also suggest to take walk from Campo S.Bortolo to Campo San Luca, other nice shops are available there. If you are looking for a unique gift to bring home, go to Murano Island and visit our of the Murano Glass Factory, you’ll find amazing masterpieces made by famous Glass Masters. 
Which vaporetto boat ticket to buy? | Vaporetto ticket is a big dilemma for a family in visiting Venice, for many reason. First you need to ask yourself do you really need to use the vaporetto? How many time you think you’ll take the public boat? As i answer in the prior question Venice is small you can easily just walk around the city and if you have luggage is not a problem, there are many porter service on the street that can help you bring your luggage to the hotel. Anyway if you are a family with kids and you really want to ride a vaporetto and you are planning to stay at least 3 days, a three days ticket is the right choice. As you see it can be expensive, but and the end of your journey is worth the price. Calculate usually one vaporetto ticket is 6.50 euro for 1 hour, thats mean taking the vaporetto two times, is already the price of you 2 days ticket. So i suggest to budget at least 100 euro for vaporetto tickets for a family composed by 3 members. 
How long does it take from the airport to reach Venice center? | The Venice airport is not far from the Venice center, and it can take up to 20 minutes maximum by taxi boat or 30/40 minute by ACTV BUS. If you are coming on budget, the bus choice is the one you want to go for costing only 6.50 euro, otherwise the water taxi can be a nice experience and faster but be ready to spend at least 90 euro or use read this article explain you how to save with the Share Water Taki
Where to Sleep in Venice? | Venice is a small city so decide where to sleep is not a very big deal but it can be when you are looking for a place to stay on budget. I strong suggest to check it you the hotels near train station area, just because is in a perfect position and you don’t need to deal with all the venetian bridges with your luggages. 
How much will cost a gondola ride? | This question is one of the most popular, because when we decide to visit Venice, we all want to try the experience of a gondola ride and i wrote a full details article about how much will cost a gondola ride. Anyway the price start from 80 euro for 35 minutes.
How much will cost a water taxi in Venice? | Water taxi in Venice have a very high price compare to other city in world. If you spend in London from Hide Park to Oxford Circus (10 minute ride) 7 pound, in Venice the same distance can be 50 euro. So be careful when you deal the price with the taxi driver.  
What does acqua alta means? | Acqua alta is that phenomenon every year occur in Venice usually during November and winter time call in italian “Acqua Alta” meaning “High Tie“.  
Where is the beach in Venice? | Visiting Venice during the summer time from July to September can be very dramatic because the very high temperature up to 40 celsius degree, and if you need to refresh yourself and are you asking where you can find a beach in Venice to enjoy a nice swimming time in a place where the water is clean and NOT THE VENICE CANALS (like many tourist start to do, DO NOT DO IT!), you can go to the Lido di Venezia. The Lido di Venezia is only 15 minute far by vaporetto boat (line 1) from St Mark Square and have a amazing beach. 
Is it Venice safe? | Venice as i wrote on this article is still safe but not like before, but don’t worry nothing will happen to you. Just be aware a few scams people try to do to tourist like fake porter service at Ponte della Costituzione “Calatrava Bridge” near P.Roma and Train Station, asking you if you need help with your luggage and then ask money because they help you, or a new scam in St Mark Square, a lot indian illegal people give the food in your child hands try to look nice and then ask money to the parents. So be aware of this little things. 
Where can i get the map with vaporetto routes? | The Vaporetto routes map you easily download on the official public transportation website by ACTV at this link 
How long is it a gondola ride? | The gondola ride it start from 35 minutes but can be as much you want if you have many to pay for :-), you can add more time to you ride and usually are 20 minutes at the time 
How can i safe money visiting Venice? | Venice is a city that can make you spend a lot money if you don’t check carefully. Many factor can increase the price of you vacation in Venice, but lets see how you can also stay on budge visiting Venice. You can safe money if you are coming by train and not by car, doing that you do not need to pay 25 euro a day for you parking garage, but only the train ticket by TRENI ITALIA and is much cheaper and less stressful. Again ask yourself do i really need the ticket for a Vaporetto? Most of tourist visiting Venice are unhappy for the price they pay for the public transportation, so try to avoid it! (You can safe more then 16 euro for person!). Transfer from the airport by bus and not by water taxi, using the ACTV bus, is a huge saving for you budget, up to 80 euro! Another suggestion i can give is go to hotel 3 stars for a good deals, most of the time you’ll be around the city is not like you are going in a beach resort and you need the luxury hotel. Try also to eat on budget, there are many place frequented by venetian where you can have a great dinner without leave empty your pocket.
Where is the best exchange currency place in Venice? | In Venice the best exchange currency place doesn’t exist. I strong suggest to change your money in your country or using service like we swap. 

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