Tips to visiting Venice – 6 Questions about Venice

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Visit Venice – 6 Answers to questions that most people have about Venice

Visiting Venice requires many tips to make your experience better

Many times, during my work experience abroad, I received several questions about the city where I come from, Venice. The most common questions are:

Questions about Venice
Questions about Venice

As I created I wanted to create a blog that collects information and advice to help other people and travelers when visiting Venice. Today, with this post, I want to answer all those questions that many of you do have and that often the answers given on the internet are not always accurate and have purposes of profit for agencies without giving a true advice to tourists and interested in this beautiful city or information that today 2015 are dated. I want to start with the last question (Is it Venice safe?), I can only tell you that Venice was safe until recently. I’m a venetian I felt more confident and safe long time ago but during the recent visit to my town i can see things are changing and from what was a quite town today had became a illegal city where everything happen. Venice is still more peaceful and secure than other major cities in Italy, but I have noticed that many things are changing and delinquency is on the agenda. While years ago it could read on the heads of the local paper, once in a while about news of pickpockets, thugs who cheat tourists with suitcases and thieves in the houses of the Venetians, today every week you can hear of all kinds of delinquency. But don’t worry you’ll enjoy your vacation in Venice.


Is Venice Safe?
Is Venice Safe?

Walking at night anyway, surely Venice is still the beautiful and romantic city on the water, and I can say that Venice is the most dangerous during the day instead the night. In the evening just after 20, you will notice how this mysterious city is empty and all the roads give this feeling of a city left to itself during the night. It is very interesting as a phenomenon that I think happens only in this lagoon city. I say that safety decreases during daylight hours, but there is a reason why I say that. The reason for this is that during the day Venice enjoys the hours with more influx of tourists and the roads can reach more than 100,000 people in a single day during the holidays and the confusion and the poor (perhaps limitations finance) control by the police officers, many characters unwelcome are coming to town, as pickpockets and fake porter near the bridges of Venice but lately besides these elements increase in crime in the homes of the Venetian has increased as well, thanks to the arrival in Italy of many immigrants and illegals and people very well. For you who visit Venice advice I can give you, do not think that Venice is safe, many blogs on the Internet are out of date today, and include information that were just 5 or 6 years ago, but today, in May 2015, that information is wrong. Always remember to look at who you have close to you and do not trust the girls and pregnant women (recently discovered to be of professional pickpockets), usually anyway ROM or from the EAST EUROPE


Taxi Acqueo a Venezia
Taxi Acqueo a Venezia – Foto da:

I recently wrote an article about the transfer by taxi from the international Marco Polo airport, and my advice is that we often spend that 10 or 20 euro more for transport by water taxi it’s worth it, especially if Your hotel is located in the historic center of Venice, near Rialto or San Marco. The advantage for me to take a water taxi even though the prices are high but thanks to the article that I wrote you can get by with 29 euro per person is not having to walk around with your suitcases up and down the bridges of Venice as you know if you read the blog are more than 400. With the bus (bus), you will pay about 6.50 euro per person and takes you within 10/15 minutes P.Roma or where are the machines and from there you will have many types of transportation like the vaporetto (if you really do have to take the day ticket or with maturities extended to several days), water taxi in the city have high rates in my opinion for the position in which you find yourself. In the sense that the transport booked via the internet from the absurd costs less than a taxi into town.

Porter Service Venice
Porter Service Venice

In Venice there are porter services, and persons authorized by the City of Venice with the budge that certify that they are legal and not illegal (some are my friends as well) that will take your bags to your hotel them in the area for about 5 euro a suitcase. Beware if your hotel is close to the railway that is a very good area to stay near the Calatrava bridge there are some characters who will ask you if you want a hand with the suitcase to cross the bridge. That is not accepted, even if these characters are chased by the police come back every day and if you do not pay will not give you back your suitcase. So simply answer NO! Do not be afraid, even if something happens to the Venetians who are there area will be more than happy to help you, these people are not welcome in our city. The conclusion to this question is the water taxi is the right solution, even for the experience you receive in arriving at your hotel with one of these boats.


To answer this question briefly, because I have already devoted an entire article that you can find here (How Much a Gondola ride?). The official price for a gondola ride is controlled and managed by the Ente Gondola and start at EUR 80 for 35 minutes, then the prices vary upon time of day, if you want to make a night tour cost at least twice. There are several types of gondola ride the classic gondola ride is just 80 Euros, if you want the serenade (or the music) or with the champagne prices vary and you can book them comfortably from our website under Gondola Tours.


Osteria al Bacco a Venezia
Osteria al Bacco a Venezia

There are many good local restaurant where you can eat really well with fresh produce without breaking your wallet. When people think of Venice is seen as a very expensive town, and so, so many tourists do not go even more recently in the restaurants they eat in fast Americans food . To avoid losing a big portion of the market are born of beautiful and delicious fast food with Venetian products, i call them fast food in the sense that you can order and in no time you will have food to eat TO-GO while walking in the city. These places are comfortable especially if you don’t have plenty of time and then you want to eat something quickly but still Venetian food. The only bad thing they have contributed to the increase of dirt in the city, having a type of tourism different from what it appeared years ago, I can say that many of the tourists are rude and do not take care of the city as I write this post (The new monsters arrived), and leave the paper and rubbish in the streets of Venice. One of those places where you can eat well something typically called “Vecio Fritoin” and is located in the vicinity of Terà, the price is very good and is definitely worth trying. If you want to eat sitting typical Venetian dishes you have to go in famous restaurants, where you will find unique dishes at an affordable price as the “Risi e Bisi“, “Nero di Seppia“, “Spaghetti with Clams“, “Venetian Liver” “The Sour” and other dishes. A trattoria that advice is that of a good friend of mine is called “Osteria Al Bacco” practically is behind the Ghetto, in the foundations of San Girolamo just 10 minutes from the train station. Going on that foundation will also find many other places where Venetians go to eat mainly I recommend this trattoria, not only because the owner is a friend of mine, but definitely for the experience and the money for food.  (update 2015 – The Osteria close) – so i suggest what follow next

Another very good alternative

L'Alcova Restaurant at Hotel Ca' Sagredo 5* Lux in Venice
L’Alcova Restaurant at Hotel Ca’ Sagredo 5* Lux in Venice

Eating in a 5-star luxury at an affordable price – Often we have a little fear of these places with too many stars and we expect high prices but inot always the case, I can recommend a romantic dinner or alone in a restaurant where I worked personally for 10 months in Hotel Ca’ Sagredo 5 * L. Inside this hotel there is a restaurant (Alcolva) with a beautiful view of the Grand Canal when temperatures permit and offers a menu curated by Michele Potenza with Venetian dishes and much more. The average price for a dinner with maybe an appetizer, main course, dessert and bottle of wine and water about 40 Euros, is around 150 which I think is not very high for the quality of products that the chef uses and the optimal location. Another good place where you can eat without breaking the your wallet is called “Al Giubagiò” and is located near the Fondamente Nove, you can find the delicious cicchetti in the afternoon and in the evening a great menu and an extensive wine list. There are many solutions the main board of these restaurants do not go with the classic menu with photographs of dishes outside and certainly not ever eat, but mostly spend too much for the quality of food you receive.


Where to buy Murano Glass in Venice
Where to buy Murano Glass in Venice

Typical Venetian products fortunately still exist, although many of the historic shops have closed or have been sold to the Chinese, and they have opened stores of handbags made of synthetic leather from China passed off as Made in Italy. The Venetian products can be made on the island of Burano such as biscuits and other types of pasta, or tissues. You will immediately notice which are those stores are original and managed by the Venetians. As for the Murano glass can go on the island of Murano and have a good visit often free to see how these are implemented and operated art gallery or buy in the factory shop. Know that definitely buying the island of Murano in the factory you’ll almost always the safety of buying an original product “Made in Murano”, but I say almost always because even there there were many scandals of fake Chinese also in the famous Murano. You can also find beautiful products of Murano in Piazza San Marco in some historical shops often the price is lower, but the quality is not always the same. Always remember to negotiate the price with the sellers the prices of these products are very high.


Venice is so beautiful and full of history and mystery that would take a life to discover it all despite being so petite, but I usually recommend that you stay three or four days not more so because in addition to museums and places to visit at night, the city as I said before goes out and there is not much to do except enjoy the tranquility in the streets or near a canal watching the water. I personally suggest you should see Venice walking the streets and lose yourself a bit around and do not go only to places such as Piazza San Marco and the Rialto etc .. Go even to the gardens “I Giardini” at the Castello district, I also really like an area where I grew up when i was a child, near San Francesco della Vigna. So get lost a bit in the streets of Venice and not be afraid to visit secondary streets.

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