Several Interesting Thoughts Regarding The Venice Ghetto

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Several Interesting Thoughts Regarding The Venice Ghetto

When a person hears

The Venice Ghetto
The Venice Ghetto by

the name of “The Venice Ghetto,” for many, they think it means a slum area. Keep in mind, that for many the term “Ghetto” anything often means an unattractive part of town, well it does over here in the United States. Nonetheless, we wanted to take a few moments today, for those who are unaware of what this unforgettable place holds in terms of history, and beauty actually means for different people around the world. Therefore, we encourage our viewers to read on to learn more on why visiting this location, could indeed change a person’s perspective in life instantly, and why it should be on everyone’s travel agenda at least once in their lifetime, so let’s get to it.

Venice Ghetto where Jews lived

The Venice Ghetto, is actually a location within the beautiful European city of Venice. However, for certain nationalities they did not always think of these locations as stunning, or even remotely attractive to them. The reason being, is that for Jews they were forced to live within this particular area, often against their will.

In addition, not only did they have to stay in The Venice Ghetto, area, but their lives were dictated by the Venetian Republic. Moreover, while other nationalities got to live freely, and select their place to call home within Venice, for Jewish people in the year of 1516, it was not permitted. Furthermore, if not already faced with this type of discriminatory treatment, the Germans at this time also made it even worse for not only the Jewish people, but for other ethnicities too.

Nevertheless, we want our viewers to keep this in their minds while they continue to read on. Imagine that you have a Jewish background, but you also had other ethnic relations within your family too. Well, for those that lived within The Venice Ghetto, they were forced to be separated by their background, which meant Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, and yes even the Germans all had their own synagogues. Now, face forward to today, and this beautiful country has certainly evolved.

Moreover, while people within the United states put the term “Ghetto” as a slang word, they right way assumed that the location is going to be run down, and unfitting even to visit by mistake. However, that would be a mistake not to visit this wonderful place. That said, even those who are not Jewish, but come from other ethnic backgrounds all will agree, that this small tucked away community within Venice, is surely not to ever be forgotten.

Furthermore, with the breathtaking buildings, and shop owners who still flourish within The Venice Ghetto location, let us not forget about our well-known glass maker either. That said, the ever, so famous Meir Magino, not only survived the forced living restrictions, but went on to become one of the worlds most famous glassmaker’s of all time. In addition, Sarah Coppio Sullam, became a successful writer, and educated debater with her letters, and even opened her own salon, despite the struggles she had to overcome to get there.

Therefore, if you have never seen The Venice Ghetto, that is why we suggested to our readers early on that they take the time to do so, at least once. When they do, we are certain that they will be amazed for themselves to be able to see first hand just how history has evolved subsequently much since then. That said, keep in mind, that despite starting out as a small restricted location, the Jewish community has not only been capable of overcoming their obstacles for their time, but have been able to show that they still are one of the history’s most spectacular landmarks even today.

For many people who hear the phrase of “The Venice Ghetto,” they unfortunately do at times, still, associate its phrase with a slum part of town. However, we hope that by reading to the end of our article here today, we’ve been able to share a piece of history that should never be forgotten. Nevertheless, if you ever get the chance to visit Venice, and see all that this wonderful country has to offer to its tourists, be sure at least to book an outing to stop by The Venice Ghetto to witness it for yourself, we are certain you won’t be disappointed with what you take in.

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