The new monster are not welcome in Venice

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THE CRYING VENICE – City destroyed by the invasion of rude touristsMONSTERS

The new MONSTERS – The ugly side of Venice Part 2 – The sad truth that every day the Venetians people have to live with

The title of this thought that I dedicate to all those who abuse this beautiful and unique city, it is very challenging, but I’m tired and not only me, but many other Venetians, to accommodate every years animals instead of people interested in the city of Venice.

Venice dirty
The city of Venice like never know before – foto dal gruppo Facebook: Bocca della Verita’ raccolta denunce porcherie di Venezia

Yes, they are animals, there is no other word to use. The new monsters in Venice, like that we can call them, when in the past handed down legends of sea monsters and mysteries of this ancient city now the monsters have arrived. They enter the city, the terrorizing and its inhabitants (the few remaining), they can only stand by and watch what remains after the passage of these monsters.

Mine is a vent that goes far beyond the personal thought, almost touches my heart to see some of the images that run in the web and social networks of these people that do not respect the principles of living and respect other people.
Years ago, tourists were welcome in our city, we watched them and they brought us beautiful emotions, cultural exchanges and of course a profit for our traders and hoteliers. Today, I’m almost sorry to say that “Tourists are not the most well came in Venice.”
A deep reflection should be done.
Is this the future we want for our city? These are the new legends that will tell to our future Venetian? What will happen to this city?

The Monsters are here, but they are REAL.

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