The first 7 star hotel in Venice Àman Canal Grande Hotel

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Àman Canal Grande – the first 7 star hotel in Venice

A unique 7 stars hotel in Venice – Àman Canal Grande Hotel

If a 5-star luxury is not enough, and you want a hotel with 2 stars in most, but especially near the historic center of this magnificent city, there is a 7 star hotel in Venice. Not long about 3 years, Hotel Aman Grand Canal boasts of as many as 7 star hotel, the building is called “Palazzo Papadopoli” and offers its customers a panoramic view of the Grand Canal fascinating frescoed by Tiepolo, private gardens and a welcoming center wellness complement the hotel. Inside this building there is a very special library room, fully upholstered with original wallpaper in the skin. The restaurant for guests serves Italian and Asian cousin. The price of a double room starts from € 1,100 VAT at 10%, not including breakfast, plus there are 5 Euros per person for the tax.

Aman Hotel a 7 stelle a Venezia
Aman Hotel a 7 stars hotel in Venice

We wanted to put this in the category of Hotel in Venice, not for advertising to the accommodation, but simply because it has a really beautiful buildings. Let’s find out more in detail: The Palazzo Papadopoli that in which it is housed Aman, was built in the sixteenth century by the architect Giacomo de Grigi, on commission of the noble family Coccina di Bergamo. Then at the beginning of the 19th century, this rich Venetian residence was purchased by two brothers, Nicholas and Angelo Papadopoli Aldobrandini. These two characters of the Venice of the 19th century, called an exponent of neo-Renaissance style for the interior decoration of the main floor of the building, we are talking of Michelangelo Guggenheim. Surely the hard work of Michelangelo and his skills have made him the space of Palazzo Papadopoli, one of the most representative examples of these styles in Venice. If you have the opportunity to stay at this hotel you can see two buildings very close, with beautiful private gardens, in fact the two brothers Nicholas and Angelo bought them, to create a private space, like say, a green oasis within the Venice’s historic center, where as we all know, there is not much green. Our conclusion is simple, if you have money to spend and want to try an experience in a historic Venetian palace on the Grand Canal, which boasts 7 stars probably the Aman Hotel is the palace where you want to stay, the reviews on the internet talking about clear , you’ll definitely have a unique experience.

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