The Bridges of Venice – What are the most Famous bridges – List Bridges in Venice

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The Bridges of Venice – What are the most Famous bridgesList Bridges in Venice

There are over 400 bridges that connect the islands of Venice – What are the bridges of Venice

Ponte dell'Accademia - Ponti di Venezia
Ponte dell’Accademia – Ponti di Venezia

Those who visit Venice one thing stands out immediately to our eyes, surely the fact that Venice is entirely surrounded by water but especially the large number of bridges in marble, wood and iron that connect the islands of Venice between them. There are various types and sizes, the most famous are the Rialto Bridge (the bridge that usually is seen in all the postcards, documentaries positioned in the heart of the Grand Canal (the only waterway that can be called “Canal” while all others are “Rii“). There is a another famous bridge after Rialto one and is call Ponte Dell’Accademia “Accademia Bridge” made of wood, but over the years has undergone several changes, in fact, exactly the year of the inauguration in 1854 this beautiful bridge (as the symbol of Venice Rialto Bridge) was built entirely of iron. The Accademia bridge was to be built in stone as the Rialto Bridge but was not ever finished , in fact, the wooden structure that we see today would still be the temporary bridge. Over the years to make it more robust were integrated parts iron, ensuring stability.

The Accademia Bridge is one of the busiest in Venice, after the Rialto Bridge, being the closest to San Marco (the area most frequented by tourists) and connects two parts of the city very extensive. This magnificent bridge is part of the famous four of the Grand Canal. Starting from Piazza San Marco and entering the Grand Canal there are (The Accademia Bridge, The Rialto Bridge, Ponte degli Scalzi and in the end the most recent but less loved by the Venetians for reasons that we will see later in this article the Constitution Bridge also said Calatrava). I want to explain more about the bridges of Venice that are placed in the Grand Canal, because they are definitely the ones that you will see the most during your trip to Venice, so let’s go back to talk about the famous Rialto bridge.


Ponti di Venezia - Ponte di Rialto
Ponti di Venezia – Ponte di Rialto

Two more words should be written on this majestic building that combines the San Polo district “sestiere” with the district of San Marco “sestiere di San Marco” as the Accademia bridge was originally made of wood and was a bridge material ‘, it had mechanisms that let pass the biggest commercial boat the venetian were using during that time. All the big building situated in the Gran Canal they have the “porte d’amar” where the rich owner of the palace was trading for money item coming from different part of the world.

There is a amazing book wrote by “Alberto Toso Fei” about “The secret of the Gran Canal” (i really suggest this book to find out interesting stories of that time, thank you to Alberto for his long and accurate researches).

This bridge was initially a pontoon bridge built in 1181 by Nicholas Barattieri initially called Ponte della Moneta, over the years thanks to the growth in importance of the Rialto market (which still exists today, where you can buy fresh fish in the morning) there was a need to realize the Wooden Bridge that did go even boats, as I wrote earlier, and given the importance and proximity to the famous market, was baptized with the name of the Rialto Bridge. Over the years there were many successes but damage to the bridge and then decided through a tender for the reconstruction of the bridge to create a new project, which makes the Rialto Bridge more stable. At this invitation participated famous architects such as Jacopo Sansovino, Vignola and Andrea Palladio. Today the bridge we see is still the original completed in 1591 (with some maintenance), designed by Antonio da Ponte. This project presents a particularity, above this only bridge in the world there are arcades with in-Venezians stores, in those days people thought that this project could fail, in the sense that it was thought that a structure so heavy within soon would collapse, but fortunately this never happened, and in fact we can still enjoy one of the wonders of Venice and a symbol of this city. The Rialto Bridge. Along the Grand Canal are what was until recently the last of the bridges on this “Highway of the World” as defined by Alberto Toso Fei in his book.


The Scalzi Bridge is the third bridge also called “The station bridge” because of the nearby railway station of Saint Lucia. Made of stone is particularly high and is called by this name because it overlooks the Scalzi officiated for over 300 years (from the order of the Discalced Carmelites). This venetian bridge was built and designed by Eugenio Mozzi who was also the author of another bridge over the Grand Canal nothing less than the Accademia Bridge, the building date back to 1932. An interesting fact is that all of this arch bridge was built with the Stone D’Istria(The Venetians have used it extensively in the structures and floor coverings, bridges, canals, houses, churches, palaces, until the end of the eighteenth century. By Wikipedia)


Ponti di Venezia - Ponte della Costituzione
Ponte della Costituzione – Ponte di Calatrava – Ponti di Venezia

This bridge stands out from all the other materials used in the creation of this work (if we can call it work), and to form a little ‘futuristic that has nothing to do with Venice, but very fortunately that is positioned close to Piazzale Roma (where there are cars) and so do not ruin all that ancient atmosphere that can be found in other areas of Venice’s most central. As the title suggests this is one of the most famous bridges in Venice although recently generation, only because it crosses the Grand Canal. There are many controversies between Venice and money spent for the construction of this bridge which many of us do not realize it was important, but for the sake of money and business was made. The project included a glass bridge with lights underneath where people walk, but there were mistakes, were not calculated on several factors such as rain and the size of the steps. There have been many complaints to the City Council “Comune di Venezia” after the elderly and not easily slipped in the rain and the steps were not very visible. I can say this bridge has also ruined the business of many merchants who are on the other side of the Gran Canal, because the flow of tourists and Venetians is changed and prefer to use this bridge to reach faster the famous Strada Nova (a long street link from Guglie bridge to Campo S.Apostoli). This bridge was inaugurated after so many years to achieve it in the September 11, 2008

Another very famous bridge even if not used, and used when you visit the Palazzo Ducale is the Bridge of Sighs, let’s discover it together.


Another bridge with a great history behind it, this beautiful bridge made of Stone D’Istria has seen in the past many prisoners including the famous Casanova as they reached the horrible Venetian prisons. This bridge in fact has two small windows from which you can admire the Venice Lagoon, and is called the Bridge of Sighs “Il potente dei Sospiri” because it is said that the prisoners would sigh for the last time when they saw the lagoon before being locked up in the cold cells of Serenissima Prisons. There are many bridges in Venice and are over 400 of these are the most famous and I wanted to briefly describe their history, a complete list of the bridges of Venice is available on Wikipedia.

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