The 7 interesting things that you must do in Venice

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Must do in Venice: 7 interesting things that you must do in Venice

Must do in Venice: Here 7 suggestion for your trip to Venice

7 things to do in Venice
7 things to do in Venice

There are plenty of attractions and sights in Venice that will surely take your breath away. Venice is a beautiful place which is loved by plenty of tourists all around the globe. If you are visiting Venice, then you must know the top 10 things that must do in Venice during your stay. Here is a list of the 7 interesting things that you should do when you are visiting Venice:

  1. Wander through the streets and alleys of Venice: There is no supreme joy than just getting lost in the beauty of Venice. When you are visiting Venice, you must wander through its amazing streets and alleys and explore the places yourself. By wandering casually and aimlessly, you will be able to enjoy the true essence of Venice. You would discover many charming streets of Venice and find yourself appreciating the city.
  2. Go to St. Mark’s Basilica: St. Mark’s Basilica is one of the most beautiful church in Italy. The big onion domes make it look majestic from the outside. The floor-to-ceiling mosaics in the interior look equally beautiful.
  3. Take the Grand Canal Tour: It is a pleasure to take a ride on a water bus of Venice for the Grand Canal Tour. The #1 vaporetto runs the entire length of the beautiful Grand Canal. Along the way, you would be able to catch some great sights. This tour would surely be etched in your memory forever. It is one of the most important things to do in Venice: enjoying the ride on a vaporetto and watching beautiful sights as you sip your gelato.
  4. Visit the St. Mark’s square at night: If you are spending at least one night in Venice, then you should visit the St. Mark’s square when it is not crowded. The best times to visit the St. Mark’s Square are late evening and early morning. You cannot believe how different and beautiful the St. Mark’s Square looks when it is not crowded.
  5. Visit the Doge’s Palace: The Doge’s Palace is definitely the most beautiful attraction in Venice after the St. Mark’s Basilica. You can walk on the popular Bridge of Sighs, when you would visit the Doge’s Palace. You would also able to see the Palazzo Ducale in Italian when you would visit the Doge’s Palace.
  6. Visit the beautiful Burano Island: Burano is a beautiful island which is not at all crowded. It would be a real treat if you wander around the Burano Island for a couple of hours during your stay in Venice. The beautiful bright colored buildings would surely fill your heart with optimism and happiness.
  7. Hiking on Torcello Island: If you are staying in Venice for a couple of days, then you should go for hiking on Torcello Island. You can bask in the breathtaking natural beauty there. You can reach this island by taking a boat from Burano or Venice. It is great fun to have a hiking experience there, on the beautiful green fields of the lagoon.

These are the 7 interesting and wonderful things that you simply cannot afford to miss during your stay in Venice.

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