The 120 Venetian Doges – Full Names List

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Many were the Venetian doges who over the years have taken the power of Venice, think that in those years, the life of a person would not last very much, it was very easy to get sick, a simple fever leading to death. So although the disease, the Venetian doges had doctors always willing to treat them, they were fatal, even for the untouchables doges. Have done some research, and below you will find a list with all the names of the Venetian doges, the most important but also the least important.

  1. Venetian Doges - Paoluccio Anafesto
    Venetian Doges – Paoluccio Anafesto

    1 ° Paoluccio Anafesto (Oderzo, Treviso – Venezia, date sconosciute); also called Paolo Lucio Anafesto is half of a legendary character. He was the founder of the Venetian Arsenale and the first fortresses in the area of Venice. But its existence is uncertain. Maybe he was just confused with the Exarch of Ravenna, Paolo, who was killed in 727.

  2. 2nd Marcello Fegalliano
  3. 3rd Orso Ipato
  4. 4th Teodato Ipato (Important role, first doge of Venice independent)
  5. 5th Galla Gaulo
  6. 6th Domenico Menegario
  7. 7th Maurizio Galbajo
  8. 8th Giovanni Galbajo
  9. 9th Obelerio Antenoreo
  10. 10th Angelo Partecipazio
  11. 11th Giustiniano Partecipazio
  12. 12th Giovanni Partecipazio
  13. 13th Pietro Fradonico
  14. 14th Orso Partecipazio I
  15. 15th Giovanni Partecipazio II
  16. 16th Pietro Candiano I
  17. 17th Pietro Tribuno
  18. 18th Orso Partecipazio II
  19. 19th Pietro Candiano II
  20. Nicolò Sagredo - Venetian Doges
    Venetian Doges : Nicolò Sagredo

    20th Pietro Partecipazio

  21. 21st Pietro Candiano III
  22. 22nd Pietro Candiano IV
  23. 23rd Pietro Orseolo
  24. 24th Vitale Candiano
  25. 25th Tribuno Memmo
  26. 26th Pietro Orseolo II
  27. 27th Oto Orseolo
  28. 28th Pietro Centronico
  29. 29th Domenico Trabanico
  30. 30th Domenici Contarini
  31. 31st Domenico Selvo
  32. 32nd Vitale Falier
  33. 33rd Vitale Michiel
  34. 34th Ordelafo Faliero
  35. 35th Domenico Michiel
  36. 36th Pietro Polani
  37. 37th Domenico Morosini
  38. 38th Vitale Michiel II
  39. 39th Sebastiano Ziani
  40. 40th Orio Mastro Pietro
  41. 41st Enrico Dandolo
  42. 42nd Pietro Ziani
  43. 43rd Giacopo Tiepolo
  44. 44th Marin Morosini
  45. 45th Renier Zen
  46. 46th Lorenzo Tiepolo
  47. 47th Giacopo Contarini
  48. 48th Giovanni Dandolo
  49. 49th Pietro Gradenigo
  50. 50th Marin Zordi
  51. 51st Giovanni Soranzo
  52. 52nd Francesco Dandolo
  53. 53rd Bortolomeo Gradenigo
  54. 54th Andrea Dandolo
  55. 55th Marino Faliero
  56. 56th Giovanni Gradenig
  57. 57th Giovanni Delfino
  58. 58th Lorenzo Celsi
  59. 59th Marco Cornaro
  60. 60th Andrea Contarini
  61. 61st Michele Morosini
  62. 62nd Antonio Veniero
  63. 63rd Michele Steno
  64. 64th Tommaso Mocenigo
  65. 65th Francesco Foscari
  66. 66th Pasqual Malipiero
  67. 67th Cristoforo Moro
  68. 68th Nicolo’ Tron
  69. 69th Nicolo’ Marcello
  70. 70th Pietro Mocenigo
  71. 71st Andrea Vendramin
  72. Venetian Doges - Andrea Gritti
    Venetian Doges : Andrea Gritti picture by

    72nd Giovanni Mocenigo

  73. 73rd Marco Barbarigo
  74. 74th Agostino Barbarigo
  75. 75th Leonardo Loredano
  76. 76th Antonio Grimani
  77. 77th Andrea Gritti
  78. 78th Pietro Lando
  79. 79th Francesco Donato
  80. 80th Marc’Antonio Trevisan
  81. 81st Francesco Veniero
  82. 82nd Lorenzo Priuli
  83. 83rd Girolamo Priuli
  84. 84th Pietro Loredano
  85. 85th Alvise Mocenigo
  86. 86th Sebastiano Venier
  87. 87th Nicolo’ Da Ponte
  88. 88th Pasquale Cicogna
  89. 89th Marin Grimani
  90. 90th Leonardo’ Dona’
  91. 91st Marc’Antonio Memmo
  92. 92nd Giovanni Bembo
  93. 93rd Nicolo’ Dona’
  94. 94th Antonio Priuli
  95. 95th Francesco Contarini
  96. 96th Giovanni Cornaro
  97. 97th Nicolo’ Contarini
  98. 98th Francesco Erizzo
  99. 99th Francesco Molin
  100. 100th Carlo Contarini
  101. 101st Francesco Cornaro
  102. 102nd Bertuccio Valerio
  103. 103rd Giovanni Pesaro
  104. 104th Domenico Contarini
  105. 105th Nicolo’ Sagredo
  106. 106th Luigi Contarini
  107. 107th Marc’Antonio Giustiniano
  108. 108th Francesco Morosini
  109. 109th Silvestro Valier
  110. 110th Luigi Mocenigo
  111. 111th Giovanni Corner
  112. 112th Alvise Sebastiano Mocenigo
  113. 113th Carlo Ruzzini (Venezia, 11 Novembre 1653 – 5 Gennaio 1735)
  114. 114th Luigi Pisani
  115. 115th Pietro Grimani
  116. 116th Francesco Loredano
  117. 117th Marco Foscarini
  118. 118th Alvise Mocenigo
  119. 119th Paolo Renier
  120. 120th Lodovico Manin

The Venetian doges were 120 a very large number, each of these characters contribute to history of Venice. In the sense that these Venetian doges had different purposes, many were limited to strictly and faithfully serve the Republic of Venice and others tried to subvert it, while others made ​​the power, while some took it slowly to decline.

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