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Build a gondola – All the phases of construction

Build a gondola - All the phases of construction 1

Build a Gondola – All phases of construction from start to the end – Venetian gondola – Complete Guide How to build a gondola is one of the most wanted question i must answer today with this article. The art of construction of the gondola is very old and is a family tradition. Although now today is disappearing more and more. They …

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Gondola is black – Why the venice gondola is black?

storia colore gondole nero

Gondola is black – A long story behind … Why the gondola is black ? Behind the gondola color there is a long story, discover it! Lets find out why the gondola is black: Over the years has undergone many transformations both as regards its structure, both the aesthetics. In fact, the historical Regata (Regata Storica), in particular during the parade, you …

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