Summer time fun in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its luxury shopping, great malls, beach, deserts and sky-scrapper filled skylines. It is also known for its tallest buildings like Burj al Khalifa and Burj al Arab. It is the most loved destination by tourists. They visit this place all over the year to relief themselves from their everyday boring routines. People take a break from their daily life and visit this amazing place to relax and soothe their mind. It’s summer season round the corners, the season in which tourists from all over the world visit Dubai to enjoy the summers here. So we are here to let you the know the best things to do in Dubai during the summers.

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Best things to do in Dubai during summers:

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Dubai has tourists all around the year which is why there are plenty of entertainment and fun activities for you to explore during your visit to Dubai in the summer time. These activities are active throughout the year but they are most visited during summers because of the comfort they provide in the summers.

  1. Jumeirah Beach:

Jumeirah beach is one of the most famous landmark of Dubai. This place is always crowded with people especially during the summer time. People enjoy playing and relaxing on the sand. People come here with their families or alone. Kids love to play by the beach and the adults lie on the sand and get tan. This is the first place to go to during the summers if you want to soothe yourself from the heat of the summers.

  1. Wild Wadi Waterpark:

This is an amazing waterpark situated near the Jumeirah Beach. It is on number 2 on my list of best things to do in Dubai during summers. It has 30 rides, slides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy at a single place. This place is the best for beating the heat during the harsh summer time.

  1. Aquaventure Waterpark:

This waterpark is the number 1 in the Middle East and Europe’s waterparks because of its 17 fun-filled slides and aquarium with 6500 marine animals. This place is the best to have fun in the summers in Dubai. This is most loved place by people in summers since it soothes your mind and gives a cool and calming effect on your mind and body.

  1. Parasailing:

The parasailing in Dubai is one the best things to do in Dubai. In this amazing activity, you will be tied up with a parachute while you will be dragged along by a boat. You will get an experience of your lifetime while flying the air in the cool breeze in this summer season !

  1. Jet Ski Ride:

Dubai provides jet skiing facilities to beginners as well as experts. It is loved by all in this scorching heat of summers. People love this activity in Dubai because it provides relaxation to the people as they ski across the waters and get amazing cool feels.

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