The Festival of the Redeemer 2015 in Venice

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Finally returns Redeemer in Venice this 2015!

Feast of the Redeemer in 2015 – Origins – Celebrations around Venice

Redeemer 2015 - Fireworks
Redeemer 2015 – Fireworks

The Redeemer Feast is one of the most eagerly awaited by tourists but also by the Venetians, this event takes place every year in front of St Mark Square and there are many activities available to tourists visiting Venice during this period. This article will help you know the origins of the Feast of the Redeemer (Il Redentore), as we celebrate and where to stay during this time of year. So read the article You will get information that will help you during your next visit to the city.

The Redeemer Feast and its origins

Ponte Votivo durante il Redentore di Venezia - Foto storica
Ponte Votivo durante il Redentore di Venezia – Foto storica

The Redeemer Feast, is a wonderful event that is celebrated every year in the city of Venice, as well as the great atmosphere around town filled with positivity and happiness, why we celebrate has a profound and important reminder for all Venetians. To celebrate a feast recalls the construction by order of the Venetian Senate (September 4, 1576) of the Church of the Redeemer in memory of the liberation of the city from the plague of 1575-1577, this article will not write in detail about the plague that took place in Venice for about two years and leading to the death many families, because you can find detailed information on Wikipedia. Instead let’s see how Venetians celebrate the Redeemer festival. As said before the end of the plague in July 1577 it was decided that every year forever was necessary to remember this event, which saved the population of Venice, so it was set up a votive bridge. It is nice to think that all these years, more than five centuries still celebrate, an event not to be missed!

When is it celebrate the Redeemer in Venice?

Where and when is it celebrated the Redeemer in Venice?


Ponte Votivo Rendentore 2015 - Venezia
Ponte Votivo Rendentore 2015 – Venezia

Every year on Saturday before the third Sunday of July is celebrated this festival and this 2015 will fall on Saturday 18 July and Sunday, July 19, as mentioned before the venetian will create a votive bridge, which unlike the many bridges of Venice, is not always available but it is temporary and is built with several boat positioned close to each other. Over these boats a wooden path allows people to walk from Venice to the Church of the Redentore built on the Giudecca. If you want to cross it, be prepared that there will be a lot of people, as you can see from the picture above. Also Saturday night from 8 to 0:30 this festival is remembered with a beautiful show of fireworks, I personally recommend you see them from San Zaccaria, but be prepared to deal with a large number of people, which is why even go to the Lido of Venice can be an option but little bit distant, maybe if you already are at Lido di Venezia coming back from your day at the beach in Venice. You will notice that in the lagoon, in the early afternoon the festivities begin, mostly you will see a great movement of private venetian boats in fact Venetians usually celebrate the Redeemer on smaller boats or medium/large and they go all in front of the St. Mark Square waiting to see the fireworks and spend a beautiful evening with friends and family. The all days venetian start to drink and eat together, its really a fun day!

Where to sleep during the redeemer of Venice 2015?

Where to sleep in Venice during the redeemer 2015
Where to sleep in Venice during the redeemer 2015

Definitely will be hard to find a place to stay during the redeemer of Venice 2015, bookings are made months before, and if you find any hotel with rooms available, prices will not be among the cheapest you have seen in Venice. During these dates, thanks to the large influx of people, all the prices jump, but if you are lucky you can find something, in italian we say “Chi cerca Trova” so “Who seeks finds”. Other alternatives are hotels in Lido of Venice and Mestre, certainly cheaper, but not really comfortable to reach during the Festival of the Redeemer. If you prefer to stay in Venice check the other article I wrote about the hotel near the train station of Santa Lucia, in my opinion a great location to stay in Venice.

Conclusion about the Redeemer of Venice: A party that is worth celebrating

The answer of course is yes, and if you know a friend who also has a boat available, your experiences in Venice during the redeemer could turn into something unique to remember forever! I recommend it to everyone visiting Venice during the summer.

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