Preparing of eating fish in Venice

Which fish are available in Venice

Venetians prepare fish and seafood very simply, if you are visiting Venice and you can find many kind of sea food and the taste its amazing. Fish are normally served whole with the head and tail which some foreigner do not like, but you can always ask to don’t serve like that.
A lot of fish preparation are fry fish, but the venetians do in different way, they do not feep-fry their fish, they use just enough oil for the animal to be almost submerged and it must be very, very hot so it cooks as quickly as possible.

Is most likely to always get some vegetables with your fish some fried as well. Anyway this article is about which kind of fish you can eat in the Venetian Lagoon, and there are many kind I want to explain.

Sea Bass – Branzino / Spigola in venetian Branzín / baicolo

This fish can be long up to one meter but in the restaurant or osteria is usually served half and is grilled when small, baked or boiled when large. The intresting word “baicolo” refers to the BRANZINO up to 12 month old; because its oval form. This fish is one of the most typical in the lagoon also the cheap price.

Brill – Rombo in venetian Tombo / Soása

Firstable is good to know there are two type of Rombo and are “Rombo chiodato” and “Rombo Liscio”. The fist is daker and is named like that for the interesting dorsal resemling nails, or in italian language called “chiodi”. This is a flatfish and is the biggest in the venetian lagoon. The fisherman call it “King” for his size. The “Rombo Liscio” doesn’t have a lot of taste and is cheaper as well so I strongly suggest to eat the Rombo chiodato.

Eal – Anguilla in venetian Bisato

This fish can have six different names depending on its length, Venetians just call it “BISATO”. This fish is eating all year and its typical fried when its small and the medium length usually are grilled. In venice you can also find some placed that take the name of this fish like “Sottoportego dei bisati.

Angler – Rana pescatrice / Coda di rospo in venetian Coa de rospo

This is one of the most wanted fish in Venice, its particular big head, wide mouth and strong teeth make this fish very big. The name “Rana Pescatrice” mean “frog-fisher”, its tasty and large white fish strontly suggest to eat grilled.

GilthHead – Orata in venetian Orá / Orada

This alongated-oval shaped fish is one of the lagoon’s most prized, its name in both english and italian comes from the bright orange to gold markings on its head and the bright stripe of gold between its eyes which become more pronounced with age.  Its tasty white meat is usually grilled.

Mackerel – Sgombro in venetian Scombro

The famouse “PESCE AZZURRO“, its difficult to find in the lagoon, because it rarely enters the laoon; rather, it stays about 50 meters from the shareline, this fish always swim in group you’ll never find alone. Its usually grilled and its high fat content means that, like the sardine, it is also good cold, as “cicheto“.

Goby – Giozzo in venetian

This is the most typical fish in Venice, it swim just in the canals, and can be cooked to prepare the “risotto di gó”, that I suggest. There are four types of small goby fish found in abundace in the lagoon, Gó is by far the most present in Venetian cuisine.


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