L’arte del Vetro di Murano

l'arte del vetro di Murano

L’arte del Vetro di Murano Cosa rende così famosa l’isola di Murano e soprattutto l’arte del Vetro di Murano? Nelll’isola di Murano a Venezia, vengono realizzate vere proprie opere d’arte conosciute in tutto il mondo, il Vetro di Murano. Molte sono le forme date al vetro ma soprattutto i colori utilizzati rendono questi pezzi d’arte unici al mondo. Il Vetro …

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Venice – A Marvel of Engineering

How Venice was build - process

Venice – A Marvel of Engineering How venice was build? – A  efty task but not impossible Venice – A city of love, a place whose waters are etched out with sheer emotions; Venice itself is a landmark and an inspirational piece of engineering. Poets have been found to have written on this city based on its artistic nature, which have …

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Best time of the year to go to a Gondola Ride

Gondola in St Mark Square

Best Time of the year for a Gondola Ride in Venice The best time of the year for a gondola ride in Venice Venice is a great city, unique in its kind and for this a destination for many tourists. There are many attractions that can be found in Venice, places to visit such as the Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square …

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Build a gondola – All the phases of construction

Build a gondola - All the phases of construction 1

Build a Gondola – All phases of construction from start to the end – Venetian gondola – Complete Guide How to build a gondola is one of the most wanted question i must answer today with this article. The art of construction of the gondola is very old and is a family tradition. Although now today is disappearing more and more. They …

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Gondola woods and main materials the composition

Gondola woods and main materials the composition 2

Gondola Woods and main materials for the composition of a gondola The gondola is considerate the most beautiful boat in the world for its elegant and winding and the uniqueness of its construction. Its length is 10.85 me the average width of 1.40 m with a weight of about 350 kg. Its asymmetrical shape, is created specifically to allow the gondolier to row with less …

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The squero – Find out where the gondolas are made

The Squero

The squero – Why is it so important? With this term we denote the so-called “VENETIAN SQUERO” or the yard for Venetian boats. The term may derive from “squara” (team) instrument of the shipwrights or could suggest a team of people working together to build boats. Initially, this term designated the site for the construction, maintenance and shelter for boats of …

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Gondola Tours – Which are the best?

Gondola Tours - Which are the best? 3

Gondola Tours – Wich are the best gondola rides in Venice? Guide to the gondola tour in Venice – Information and advice Visiting Venice and the gondola ride. It is not an simple ride on the Grand Canal but a real guided tour of one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. To make sure you see all the beauty of Venice and receive …

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The 120 Venetian Doges – Full Names List

Venetian Doges

WHICH ARE THE VENETIAN DOGES THAT RULED VENICE? Many were the Venetian doges who over the years have taken the power of Venice, think that in those years, the life of a person would not last very much, it was very easy to get sick, a simple fever leading to death. So although the disease, the Venetian doges had doctors always …

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