Madonna Like a Virgin in Venice – VIDEO

When Madonna record her music video  “Like a virgin” in Venice

Many Music Stars use Venice Beauty for their videos one of these is Madonna

Madonna Like a Virgin Video in Venice
Madonna Like a Virgin Video in Venice

Today i choose to wrote a article about this video, not because i like Madonna, but because is recorded in Venice and go around different hot point to visit in Venice and of course you can easily see how Venice look like during that year.

Who is Madonna?

Madonna is you don’t her and never listen her songs, is a music Star very famous around the world still today 2015, continue record new songs and having a big social impact to the community.

Which song is Like a Virgin record in Venice?

The song Like Virgin 1984 was release the 6 November of that year, and had a big impact, for the words she wrote and also was the first single song of her new album called “Like a Virgin”. Now of course i will know wrote all the story here because Wikipedia already have all the information you need to know here: Like a Virgin Wikipedia

What the video show about Venice?

As we watch the video, immediately we can feel all the energy Madonna bring to us, and in background Venice play a big role on this video. During the video we also see a man with the lion Mask that represent the Venice Lion (Leone di Venezia) the symbol of Venice, that we sow many time during the visit in Venice. Madonna also take a ride in gondola with her white dress bringing vitality and eroticism of the city of Venice.

Now you know little more about this music video by Madonna “Like a Virgin” record in Venice enjoy it!

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