Journey from Pakistan to Venice made easy

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Journey from Pakistan to Venice made easy

Flights from Pakistan to Venice make easy

Flights from Pakistan to Venice
Flights from Pakistan to Venice

Whether you want to go for a honeymoon trip, or just an excursion you’ve been planning for a while, Venice is the first option in most of our bucket lists. The city which is a marvel in itself, a marvel of engineering and innovation, is probably the most sought after places in the world. Attaining a visa and going through the nitty gritty of initial paper work tends to get a little over one’s head most of the times.
Most of us don’t really know how to get a visa and what maybe the requirements one needs to take care of before obtaining one. For your convenience, we have over here the whole process converged in one place; Pakistan to Venice flights.

Obtaining the Visa

One thing which you need to bear in mind before applying for the visa is your nature of travel. Assuming the rate of people travelling for recreation is more than those applying for work; we will go with the choice of tourist visa. Other than that, the option of Italian business Visa is also available.

Applying for Visa

For the residents of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, Italian embassy is present in the heart of Islamabad, among other embassies. The documentation you would need to acquire a Tourist Visa includes;

    • Cover Letter
    • Recent photograph with a white background
    • Passport with a validity of at least three months.
    • Bank statement of last 6 months
    • Documentation consisting of your socio-professional standing.
    • AIG insurance
    • Confirmed Hotel reservation
    • Original Ticket
    • Copy of CNIC
    • Visa fee: for a short stay would require Rs. 6570
    • Service Charges Rs. 500

Please note that you must have your Air ticket with you before you apply for a Visa. This also includes travelling insurance as well as hotel reservation.
It takes about 20 days for the immigration department to process your visa.

Pakistan to Italy flights

There are several Airways which provide direct flights from different major cities to Italy, Milan.
The fares to flights are always altering; therefore it is better to compare them to other flights.
If you want to fly directly to Venice, you can do it by following this link on our website:

Compare Cheap Flight from Pakistan to Venice

Over here you can find the city you will be travelling from, which comprises of Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar. After selecting the city the flight options will be available. Normally Qatar Airlines, Emirates and Turkish Airlines are readily available for the booking purposes. This website allows you to compare the fares on multiple airlines and also book your tickets.
Given this information, now you can conveniently commence with your touring programs.

Happy travel!

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