I’m afraid of the Gondola! How can i do?

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I’m afraid of the Gondola! How do I?

Visit Venice without a gondola ride is definitely not the same thing. All tourists who go there will inevitably end up navigating the Grand Canal in the company of a gondolier who tells him of Venetian monuments that look from the boat during the tour. After some comments on the pictures posted on the Facebook page, we asked Chiara, one of our reader, what are your fears before taking a ride in a gondola.

Gondola rovesciata - incidente gondola
Wave overturns a Gondola – Foto da: Ilmessaggero.it

Unfortunately, not all, however, we are brave enough to get on a gondola. Of course it will seem strange at the end is a boat like any other, but Chiara says “I would not personally wont be over.” “I do not know, it may be the fact that a boat is so light, so slender, it gives me the idea of stability and frankly I fear that it may capsize by dropping water in all its passengers.” In fact, as everyone knows, the balance of the gondola is given from the boat yes, but above all by the skill of gondolier rowing. But wanting to take a gondola ride, how do you choose the gondolier if is good? And if you end up in the hands of some young inexperienced? Chiara continues to express his fears, of course, not all are equal, we see his other thoughts:

“Perhaps this is due to my fear that I had a bad experience in the past, when finding myself on holiday with my friends, we took a ride on a boat excursion to visit the caves at sea. The man at the helm of the boat, for his reckless driving, meant that I promised myself to never climb more about any type of craft. The boat that rocked drove to the right and left, I felt I was falling into the sea and not been able to enjoy the seascape and a visit to the caves. When I got off the boat I felt relieved and I promised myself never to repeat such an experience.”

and again…

n addition to increasing my fear was a story that I heard last summer and concerning an incident between a vaporetto in Venice and gondola. The boat was about to bend under the Rialto Bridge, where a gondola nearby was struck and passengers ended up in the water. On board was a family of German and one of them, a man aged 50, for the strong shock, was seriously injured and later died.

Of course, the gondola will not be the only means dangerous in circulation, but it is said that to visit Venice one must necessarily take a ride in a gondola or vaporetto. You can also walk around and through the many bridges that cross the city to overlook the Grand Canal and breathe the air of this fabulous city. Obviously, accidents happen everywhere, all over the world, we can surely say, that in Venice you see them very rarely, so be sure that you will spend a wonderful holiday in Venice and you’ll have a reminder of your gondola ride, unique and wonderful.

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