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How to protect yourself from pickpockets and pickpockets in Venice

Ladre a Venezia sicurezza

Certainly in the past I have written other articles about this topic (security in Venice) but I regret returning to this topic especially after the latest events that are happening in my city.

Now this article is not to make psychological terrorism to tourists in Venice we are not yet at the levels of the Brazilian favelas or anything else but it is not long! In short, the situation is degenerating and I want to create a guide that can help all of you to have a beautiful experience and return to Venice.

By now there are millions of annual vines in Venice and if in the past this city has always been quiet and you could walk quietly through the streets without having to pay attention to criminals, today in 2019 you have to tell yourself the air has really changed, it seems to be inside a real joke where there is a mix of everything so beware!

How to avoid being robbed in Venice

Now I want to explain the main dangers during your vacation in this beautiful city and then here 5 practical tips on how to avoid being robbed in Venice.

Mainly these are the 5 main security problems:

  1. Women and young men pickpockets (14 years – 32 years) very often of Eastern origin or ROM but not only during pregnancy!
  2. ROM racket between the Calatrava bridge that connects P. Roma and the S. Lucia station (request for persuasive money to carry your bags over the bridge without your permission)
  3. Paid photos with beautiful statuettes (There are masked characters who will ask you if you want to take a picture with your mobile phone and unfortunately for you they don’t give it back to you until you drop at least 20 € per photo !!!!) a bit as happens in Rome with the gladiators located at the Colosseum.
  4. Money requests in exchange for fake signatures for a criminal association
  5. ROM inside the station in Venice (unfortunately in Venice there are still no turnstiles to enter inside the area where there are all the trains as they are present in Milan, Rome, Naples and Florence) and therefore these characters wander around the station trying somehow to always steal!

Borseggiatrici a Venezia

There would be many others in my opinion these are what ruin your experience in Venice if you don’t pay attention, but the main one surely are the “pickpockets” because currently they also dress well and mix among tourists so it’s very difficult to find them.

Although the mayor of Venice has made available 100 agents to prevent these interventions, as you know the Italian laws (which are among the worst in the world at present and are created to protect criminals rather than citizens and tourists and I’m not making this up, you can ask any Italian and you will answer the same as … so absurd, right?), release after 1 hour all these delinquents every time they are taken so you know what is the only defense to this? It is you!

You absolutely have to go around with caution in the crowded areas that can be:

  • Pontili ACTV (pubblic boat)
  • Bus line to P. Roma but above all ACTV 5 (the one coming from the airport)
  • Popular areas such as St. Marco, Mercerie, Rialto
  • Popular areas such as Sta. Marco, Mercerie, Rialto…

Now I hope that during your visit to Venice you will pay attention to where you keep your pennies, especially you women who very often go around with the bag open and for a professional thief is a moment to debase some inside.

Now let’s see the main target of offenders

What nationality do they suffer the most in Venice?

These pickpockets have preferences in their targets, of course why risk with a Venetian who has 50 euros in his pocket when you can find a Chinese who goes around with 3000 euros in cash? Here is the reason why if you fall into one of these nationalities you absolutely have to pay even more attention because you are a target for them.

Here are the rights that most thefts in Venice suffer:

  1. Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  2. South Americans (Brazilians)
  3. Americans
  4. Rest of the world

As you can see in the first place there are the Asians and the second the Brazilians, who unfortunately are the main target of the young pickpockets because they often go around with a lot of cash in their bags and are lost. So be very careful and now I’ll also explain how you can protect yourself from these malign individuals.

Tips to avoid pickpockets in Venice

Ladre a VeneziaObviously there are many strategies to avoid these thieves and surely the first is to avoid putting your money in plain sight, even when you go to collect at ATM you pay attention to those who look at you because these pickpockets can follow you all day long before taking action and in a second your pennies will have disappeared into thin air. Usually their mode of attack happens with three people trying to distract the victim you are touched in different parts in the middle of the mass of people and as soon as they manage to get you your assets will be immediately given to the third accomplice who will disappear into thin air. This is one of the most used techniques and often, despite the heat, these expert pickpockets will have a “fular” or “map of Venice” to hide what they do with their hands so be careful!

Another advice is to walk with the bag in front and hold it tightly with two hands, also the choice of the bag must be adequate, obviously if you use those bags without zips that open with a butt those ones it takes a moment to open them! But in my opinion it is enough not to be careless in the crowded areas but try to be careful, you can easily indivudarli these characters anyway (often and volentiri are also ugly and ugly !!!).

I hope these tips will help you, because I am really tired of seeing families ruined by these individual society parasites.

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