How much does a gondola ride? Prices Gondola 2014

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Prices gondola ride 2014

Giro in Gondola
Gondola Ride in Venice – Grand Canal , foto da:

Visiting Venice invariably also includes the gondola ride. Looking at the city cradled by the waters of the Grand Canal, Venice to see the magnificent monuments that overlook it, to receive information on the history and buildings of Venice by the gondolier or take a gondola ride in the evening in the company of your loved one or your loved one accompanied by the singing of the rower in turn is priceless. But we see, however, what are the prices for this fantastic experience. Usually the prices for a gondola ride is around 80 € for a day tour of 35/40 minutes, 40 € in addition to every 20 minutes in excess of, 100 euro for the night tour more than 40 minutes with 50 € in addition for every 20 minutes and are in excess of the prices fixed by the gondola then that should be respected by all the gondoliers.

Prezzi giro in gondola
A Gondola on the Grand Canal – Venice – The Price of a Gondola Ride depends from the time of the day if during the day or night.

Many times, however, require much more of these, then you should be fully aware of before going for a ride. There were people who even asked a couple of Russian tourists € 400 for a 50 minute ride, beware! C ‘was a service on TV that showed that many gondoliers do not respect the prices imposed by the Ente Gondola, in most cases, ask around € 100 per day instead of 80 € for 30 minutes to get to 120 € for a day but always around 40 minutes. You can then book instead of the gondola rides through online agencies that organize veritable tour of Venice or directly on our website (thanks to partnership with The prices are around € 100 for a 30 minute ride, or you can participate in real gondola trips, even to the island of Murano for a price ranging from € 28 to € 40 per person , more than 30 minutes, depending on the type of excursion you choose. Of course the gondola ride does not cost very little, but the gondola can hold up to a maximum of 6 people, so you can split the race for 6 so you do not overpay. Or you can take a ride on the vaporetto, it will not be like the gondola, but it is much cheaper since it only cost € 6.50. The gondola ride is an unforgettable experience, but it is important to know well the prices otherwise it could turn into an experience to behold!

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