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Dream of Venice – book about

Dream of Venice il libro
Dream of Venice – The Book

Venice with photographs of Charles Christopher

The book Dream of Venice a collection of thoughts of authors and artists with a love for Venice

Venice has always been in the past a source of inspiration for many artists and has always left in the hearts of every person he visited an important memory. I had the opportunity to receive a copy of the book “Dream of Venice” publisher “Joann Locktov” with stunning photographs of “Charles Christopher” and today I want to share with all lovers of Venice my opinion on the book.

Dream of Venice – First Impact

First of all, I must say that already by its cover, I immediately had the idea of the content of Dream of Venice, so I expected a book with many photos that will walk me through the city, and so it was. The layout is very simple and clean, giving plenty of space to photographs of Charles Christopher, really well done, the contents of the book is a collection of writers and historians who mentioned Venice during their travels, books and poems. This collection really helps the reader understand how Venice has left its mark on all these characters and how it is loved by all.

Whose thoughts are drawn in the book Dream of Venice?

As stated above many artists writers and historians have written and mentioned Venice in the past, and the author of this book has wanted to change their thoughts by associating a photo to each of them. Here is the list:

  • Woody Allen
  • Eleonora Baldwin
  • Claire Bloom
  • Shella Buckmaster
  • Rita Catinella Orell
  • Julie Christie
  • James Conlon
  • Roger Crowley
  • Rachel Dacus
  • Alessandro Falassi
  • Marina Fiorato
  • Patrizia Gucci
  • Peggy Guggenheim
  • Dianne Hales
  • Marcella Hazan
  • Saxon Henry
  • David Hewson
  • Patricia Highsmith
  • Erica Long
  • Judith Martin
  • Frances Mayes
  • Paul Mazursky
  • Nan McElroy
  • Joanne Molina
  • Guido Pietropoli
  • Susan Pohlman
  • Linus Roache
  • Nicolas Roeg
  • Sylvia Sass
  • Gianpaolo Seguso
  • Jessica Spiegel
  • Alberto Toso Fei
  • Jane Turner Rylands
  • Susan Van Allen
  • Alan Van Doren
  • Matthew White
  • Hutton Wilkison

A long list of big names that define Venice in different ways and where we see different emotions. It is nice to read and reconstruct what Venice leave within each memory.

Who is Charles Christopher? Thought on the photographs in the book Dream of Venice

Charles Christopher is a professional photographer with a career behind important. Among his collaborations stand out names such as (Universal Pictures, NBC, Lifetime, Hallmark and Syfy). Charles is part of the “International Cinematographer Guild” born in the United States of America in New York. More information is available in its official website (www.charleschristopherphotography.com)

Who is this book for?

The book Dream of Venice in my opinion is for those who want a different book from the usual “guides” and illustrations of Venice, so for those who want to immerse themselves in a journey through time rebuilding Venice with different points of view from different authors, artists and writers . A book to have at home to pull out every now and then you browse the beautiful pictures in it.

Where can I buy the book Dream of Venice?

The book is aimed at the international market and so you can buy online “Dream of Venice” on Amazon (one of the most widely used e-commerce) or directly in Venice at the famous library “Library Stadium” (https://www.facebook.com/libreriastudium), otherwise even the Vinery all’Amararone(https://www.facebook.com/allamarone). I hope this information can help you when choosing your next book about Venice.

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