Discover 3 motives to love the Gondola

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Discover 3 motives to love the Gondola

Why all the world love so much this boat, do you also love the Gondola?

Gondola Ride in Venice
Giro in Gondola , foto da:

The venetian Gondola has been always a unique boat with a big history since the past. The gondola was usually use by the rich venetian family to move around the city of Venice a long the Canal Grande (the Gran Canal). This wonderful wood boat was not yet black like today, but it must show all the power of the family, so it have amazing ornament in gold. How probably you already read around the pages of, Venice didn’t have always a good time, and and the end of ‘700 century, all the rich merchant venetian family, start to loose money and so on, power. And as i say before, the gondola that represent the power of the family, must change because power was gone, and the Venetian decide to paint with the actually black color. But you can read every about on this page (Why the gondola is black?).

Love the Gondola in Venice

Today, time is change but the venetian gondola is still a very important symbol for Venice, a lots of tourist, they prefer to skip the lunch to try at least one time in life, the experience of a gondola ride and feel like a real Venetian of the past. But why everybody love so much this boat? Following this post the 3 motives to love the Venetian Gondola.


  1. When you go into the Gondola, you feel all the hard work had made by the Hash Master to created this boat, and you can’t stop to look all the single details hand made craft inside the boat. When you go in, try to imagine how the rich noble family, were moving around this city during the ’700 century. Immidietly you’ll get in touch with another dimension of Venice.
  2. 2. You can see the real Venice, just going to a gondola ride and it will find a small place inside you heart for the rest of you life, feeling the water hitting the handmade gondola wood and go into the small canal and very close to the venetian palace, doesn’t have a price.
  3. 3. A gondola without a real gondoliere veneziano, is not a gondola. I write article about Venice around the world, where even if you stay in USA or in Cina you have the possibility to enjoy a gondola ride and show picture to your friend you have been in Venice. But is not the same experience, trust me! A original gondola ride in Venice with a original gondolier (from gondoliers family) that he will explain little bit about the building you will see during the ride and maybe if he have a nice day sing also some Venetian Song, these contest, will make you fall in love with Venice and the gondola.

For most of people the price of a gondola ride is expensive, read (How much cost a gondola ride), but nobody can renounce to the unique experience you will feel when you see Venice from other point of view. The suggestion of is to safe the money for the gondola ride, don’t loose the occasion to ride the most famous boat in world.

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