Classic Gondola Ride in Venice – Gondola Tour 2014

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Description and booking of a classic gondola tour for 35 minutes ride.

Venice and its gondolas are in complete harmony with each other, you can not take a gondola ride at least once in their lifetime. But what tour in gondola to choose? There are so many and they are located in different areas of Venice. will help you find the right tour to suit your needs when you visit Venice.


  • Ride through the canals (rii) of Venice on a typical Venetian gondola
  • Visit from outside of the famous historical Venetian Building on the water.
  • Explore Venice like Venetian in the past.
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Book a Classic Gondola Ride for 35 minutes

During this classic gondola ride, you can enjoy Venice while relaxing on the these famous boat, during the gondola ride, you will with your partners or other people, and you can ask question about Venice to the gondolier for 35 minutes, the time of the ride. A unique journey to discover Venice and its wonders rii (canals), will take place in memories forever.

This type of tour is the less expensive but it does not mean that in not a good quality experience, in fact, like all the other gondola tour will give you unforgettable memories, like you will able to see beautiful buildings along the way that will make you think, as the Venetians lived on this city in the past ​​and they still live today. Visiting Venice with gondola will allow you to see it under another point of view. The gondolier will answer your questions and guide you along the way, explaining what the history of the buildings, and if he will be on the right side of the moon that  day, you could hear him sing a few songs in the Venetian dialect!

Included: Traditional Gondola Ride with the venetian gondolier.
Is not included:
  • Private Guide
  • Private Music / Singer (but sometime the gondolier sing itself)
  • Champagne / Prosecco

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