Christmas in Venice

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Spend a beautiful Christmas in Venice

Venice is a parallel reality. A city where anyone who goes can take refuge to live outside the ordinary. At least for a while!
It subverts habits, forces unusual routes, slows the run a little and always asks to be admired. In fact, he knows he is beautiful, but even more he knows he is almost unique and shows himself without shame.
Venice does not need special occasions to be visited and appreciated.

Natale a Venezia

Every period of the year is fine, as long as it is known that the city shows different faces depending on the climate. For those who love the sun and the creepers on the walls, spring certainly becomes the ideal time to walk in serenity, perhaps as a couple or perhaps alone among the small streets in which to try to lose (usually without much success).
Instead for those who do not fear the cold and love the suggestion of the holidays, they can visit Venice at the turn of winter, between the end of November and the beginning of the new year.

La Madonna della Salute

In fact, in these months the city is kept awake with the popular and religious tradition, celebrating Our Lady of Health on November 21st. The Church and the Municipality find themselves working together to organize the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, a destination for the Venetians, but not only, to thank the end of the plague which occurred almost 4 centuries ago. Between 1630 and 1631, while people were dying and institutions could not find solutions, a procession of prayer was organized by the government of the Republic open to all survivors, which lasted 3 days and 3 nights.
If the city had survived the plague, a votive temple would have been built – the doge decided – that today is precisely the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.
After a few weeks, the dead diminished until they ceased and this gave the Venetians the reason to thank them for their salvation in the years to come. The climate we breathe today, therefore, is certainly one of communion: thousands of people walk the streets of Venice and cross the Grand Canal to bring their faith and their heartfelt presence to the Basilica.

After the feast of the Madonna della Salute, the city continues to live: Christmas is already making its presence felt.

Christmas in Venice

The lights, the decorations, the typical reception of this period of the year seem to find a perfect stage in Venice. Those who walk these days on the streets feel accompanied towards Christmas energy, in a more intense way than can be perceived elsewhere.
The city’s canals speak in silence, giving people the feeling of being wrapped and protected, while the smiles of the shopkeepers at the stalls paint the sidewalks. Whether you are a couple, alone or with friends, choosing to spend this time of year here takes you to a complete dimension of well-being, where you can recharge your batteries.

This is not just about the special atmosphere, but also about what you can do, from buying original gifts to spending time in one of the many places you can find. Sweets and hot drinks are the perfect pastime to feel part of the city in celebration and also help to recharge from the cold accumulated between a walk and another.
The magic changes with the days and the feeling of Christmas serenity is intertwined with the desire to have fun, which grows as the last day of the year approaches.

New Year’s Eve in Venice 2019

On December 31st, Venice explodes in the typical joy of change. Trains to get there are swarming with people and so are all the corners of the city. The voices of those in celebration draw even the most timid and invite them to participate in the new year that comes without shame. The culmination is naturally near midnight, when the fireworks color Piazza San Marco and the arms unite, even among strangers. You feel the desire to go on lightly and children, young people and adults find themselves in the same place believing together. The feeling is among the hottest you can find, even if gloves, hats and down jackets are equally necessary!

From the next day, the city wakes up with another spirit. It stretches after the festivities, but does not rest from its beauty: it simply gets back on its feet for tourists who want to discover it regardless of the occasion and returns to its inhabitants, who sometimes suffer too much from the outside.

Without a shadow of a doubt, when you visit Venice, it is nice to be able to enter with respect for the balance that is inside, because it is what makes it unique and always sought after destination. Those who live there know they have chosen a particular place to stay, a constant crossroads for visiting people. However, the sense of belonging of the Venetian is strong and proud and this is also why entering it is an opportunity to breathe a positive, romantic and extremely pleasant atmosphere.

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