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Video – How to build a gondola

How to build a venetian gondola

Video of Venice – How to build a Venetian gondola Did you ever wonder how they built the Venetian gondola? Watch this documentary Discover step by step how to build a gondola? On these pages of VeniceGondola.com there are many useful information regarding the construction of a Venetian gondola, it describes Gondola parts which they are built and where the …

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Build a gondola – All the phases of construction

Build a gondola - All the phases of construction 1

Build a Gondola – All phases of construction from start to the end – Venetian gondola – Complete Guide How to build a gondola is one of the most wanted question i must answer today with this article. The art of construction of the gondola is very old and is a family tradition. Although now today is disappearing more and more. They …

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Gondola woods and main materials the composition

Gondola woods and main materials the composition 2

Gondola Woods and main materials for the composition of a gondola The gondola is considerate the most beautiful boat in the world for its elegant and winding and the uniqueness of its construction. Its length is 10.85 me the average width of 1.40 m with a weight of about 350 kg. Its asymmetrical shape, is created specifically to allow the gondolier to row with less …

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The squero – Find out where the gondolas are made

The Squero

The squero – Why is it so important? With this term we denote the so-called “VENETIAN SQUERO” or the yard for Venetian boats. The term may derive from “squara” (team) instrument of the shipwrights or could suggest a team of people working together to build boats. Initially, this term designated the site for the construction, maintenance and shelter for boats of …

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The History of Venice Gondola

History of the Gondola

The History of Venice Gondola Thinking of Venice can not imagine it without the symbol that distinguishes the Gondola. But how many people know the history of this boat so special that is Venice? The gondola has undergone many transformations over the centuries and today’s version is the result of a long process of evolution. The history of the gondola is …

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Parts of the Gondola – How is composed

Parts of the Gondola - How is composed 3

Parts of the Gondola Lets discover the parts of the gondola that compose Traditionally, the gondola is made from 280 parts made eight types of wood: larch, fir, oak, elm, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and lime. Today is becoming more common, however, to see it built in marine plywood. Among the components of the structure there are: 67 ‘sankòni’, segments that make up …

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How to become a gondolier

Gondola Bancal - how to become a gondolier

How to become a gondolier Discover what you need to become a gondolier and ride a gondola How to become a gondolier is one of the most question all the tourist ask me every time, and today i’ll explain step by step what you need to become a real gondolier and the history of this profession. At the time of the …

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Venetian Songs - Gondola

TYPICAL VENETIAN SONGS – VENICE GONDOLA SONGS A series of venetian songs with about the Venetian Gondola Music is part of our life in Italy, we are famous for our dialect across the small city and we have many songs with the very strong venetian dialect. Most of these songs are very romantic and always take place in a gondola …

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Gondola is black – Why the venice gondola is black?

storia colore gondole nero

Gondola is black – A long story behind … Why the gondola is black ? Behind the gondola color there is a long story, discover it! Lets find out why the gondola is black: Over the years has undergone many transformations both as regards its structure, both the aesthetics. In fact, the historical Regata (Regata Storica), in particular during the parade, you …

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Venice Regata Storica 2014

Regata Storica in Venice 2014

Venice – Regata Storica 2014 Information on the program for the Venice Historical Regata 2014 Finally arrived, the main event calendar for races of Voga alla Veneta. I have already wrote on other article and I have explained the purpose of this race, however you can read about the “Regata Storica here”, however i will summarize the all thing, if you do not want …

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