Gondola VIDEO

Video let us understand better without need to read many world, here the best video about Venice and Gondola.

Madonna Like a Virgin in Venice – VIDEO

Madonna Like a Virgin Video in Venice

When Madonna record her music video  “Like a virgin” in Venice Many Music Stars use Venice Beauty for their videos one of these is Madonna Today i choose to wrote a article about this video, not because i like Madonna, but because is recorded in Venice and go around different hot point to visit in Venice and of course you can easily see …

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Video – How to build a gondola

How to build a venetian gondola

Video of Venice – How to build a Venetian gondola Did you ever wonder how they built the Venetian gondola? Watch this documentary Discover step by step how to build a gondola? On these pages of VeniceGondola.com there are many useful information regarding the construction of a Venetian gondola, it describes Gondola parts which they are built and where the …

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