Casanova escaped by gondola – Fuga dai Piombi

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Casanova escaped by gondola

The gondola used in this story, as a means of escape from prison to lead, this is the story of Giacomo Casanova

fuga dai piombi - Giacomo Casanova
fuga dai piombi – Giacomo Casanova

Giacomo Casanova is an important character bound in Venice. He was born here in 1725, in fact, raised by his grandmother after his death got to travel a lot. And from here began as his reputation as a seducer. The life of Casanova is dotted with numerous amorous encounters with women of all kinds always accompanied by leaks from the seducer who, however, do not always have a happy ending. Often his persecutors, who are usually men of law, can not find it because despite being wanted by the law does not give up to participate in the dances organized by the high society. In 1755 the Venetian authorities arrested him on charges of impiety and magic, and is imprisoned in the Leads “piombi” the venetian prison, from which he escaped by organizing a ‘evasion remained famous and he told in the book ‘Storia della mia fuga dai Piombi’ (1787).

Giacomo Casanova - La fuga
Giacomo Casanova – The Escape

During this imprisonment Casanova suffered terribly since he suspected that the charges against him would not have ever allowed out of prison. In addition, at that time the condition of the cells were truly the worst environments, sultry and full of germs, so that to avoid his health gets serious, he was allowed to walk in the hallway. During one of these walks he found a tool that he used in his cell as a digging tool. It was discovered and why the cell was changed, but managed to keep the precious instrument.

Making friends with another inmate Balbi, went to him and with this tool he was able to drill a hole in the floor of his cell (which was located on that of Casanova), allowing him to get there by him and drill another hole in the ceiling to reach the roof of the building. The two found themselves well out of the cell and then they drop inside the Ducal Palace “Palazzo Ducale”, went through various rooms and were noticed by a passer-by who rush the guards, thinking it was a passer-by was locked inside, meant that this would open the door allowing the two fugitives to go out and run away in a gondola. This episode is one of the most popular, also for choosing to escape Casanova in a gondola, a boat so beautiful and elegant, a symbol of the most ancient and noble families this time used by two escapees from prison to give themselves to a daring escape.

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