Best time of the year to go to a Gondola Ride

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Best Time of the year for a Gondola Ride in Venice

The best time of the year for a gondola ride in Venice

Venice is a great city, unique in its kind and for this a destination for many tourists. There are many attractions that can be found in Venice, places to visit such as the Doge’s Palace, St Mark’s Square with its bell tower, museums, markets and much more… Today i will answer your the question “When do you suggest to go in Venice to a Gondola Ride?”

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Gondola Tours Winter- Winter

In Venice you can walk on foot (there are many bridges that cross the canal) by vaporetto or gondola. This is definitely the boat along with the symbol of Venetian gondoliers who will compete in a contest of skill on which best vogue during the Historical Regatta. To visit Venice or take a gondola ride in reality there is not a better time of year than another. Sure there are some times of the year when in Venice there is a greater influx of tourists during the Carnival or the Historical Regatta but in reality every day Venice can show a different face and always fascinating. Perhaps during the colder months and rainy, autumn and winter you can find a more intimate, more romantic, some canal water will be higher but often this instead of intimidating them fascinates tourists.

Gondola Acqua Alta
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The gondola ride then remains the most romantic way to visit Venice. Be lulled to sleep by the waters of the Grand Canal embraced the loved one while watching the old buildings that characterize the historic city of Venice in the moonlight is something unforgettable. The gondola is also provided inside the so-called précis‘ with all the comforts to make the gondola ride more comfortable and more beautiful such as: carpets, upholstered arms, sofa etc.. Since its appearance so romantic it is no coincidence that the gondola is the boat preferred by tourists who decide to get married in Venice. Take a ride in a gondola although very romantic is not very cheap though. The daytime (with a maximum of 6 people on the gondola) costs 80 € and takes 40 minutes, the night service instead (always with a maximum of 6 people on the gondola) costs 100 € for a period of more than 40 minutes. In both cases you pay for the minutes in excess: in the first case 40 € in the second 50 for every 20 minutes in excess. Prices are indicative , however can still vary though these are those set by the Ente Gondola. Visiting Venice is not the same without a gondola ride, be on the water you can have a different view of the city, all its bridges, its houses, its history everything takes on a different flavor if observed during the slow rowing and light of the gondolier who will accompany you on this journey to discover one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


My conclusion is very simple. Anytime is a good time to visit Venice and enjoy the gondola boat!
During the summer can be very busy and can be super hot and i can suggest the best time to come is sept-oct or march-apr.

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