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Flights to Travel from Sri Lanka to Venice in Budget

Airlines Company to fly cheap from Sri Lanka to Venice

Flights from Sri Lanka to Venice Flights that are Available to Travel from Sri Lanka to Venice in Budget Venice is a city that is full of breath taking views, rich in history and many activities to take part in It is made of 118 islands connected by bridges and separated by canals known as rii and is also the only …

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The History of Venice Gondola

History of the Gondola

The History of Venice Gondola Thinking of Venice can not imagine it without the symbol that distinguishes the Gondola. But how many people know the history of this boat so special that is Venice? The gondola has undergone many transformations over the centuries and today’s version is the result of a long process of evolution. The history of the gondola is …

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Parts of the Gondola – How is composed

Parts of the Gondola - How is composed 1

Parts of the Gondola Lets discover the parts of the gondola that compose Traditionally, the gondola is made from 280 parts made eight types of wood: larch, fir, oak, elm, cherry, mahogany, walnut, and lime. Today is becoming more common, however, to see it built in marine plywood. Among the components of the structure there are: 67 ‘sankòni’, segments that make up …

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Casanova escaped by gondola – Fuga dai Piombi

Giacomo Casanova - Escape from Prison

Casanova escaped by gondola The gondola used in this story, as a means of escape from prison to lead, this is the story of Giacomo Casanova Giacomo Casanova is an important character bound in Venice. He was born here in 1725, in fact, raised by his grandmother after his death got to travel a lot. And from here began as …

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How to become a gondolier

Gondola Bancal - how to become a gondolier

How to become a gondolier Discover what you need to become a gondolier and ride a gondola How to become a gondolier is one of the most question all the tourist ask me every time, and today i’ll explain step by step what you need to become a real gondolier and the history of this profession. At the time of the …

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Hotels in Venice – Historical buildings become accommodation

Hotel Danieli - Venice

Hotels in Venice Find Hotels in Venice – A wide selection of the best hotels in Venice Many are the Venetian palaces that day to the present, from beautiful residences of Venetian nobles of the ‘700 century have been turned into accommodation facilities, which called “Hotel”. A tourist visiting Venice, it can stay in magnificent palaces which feature large living rooms, …

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The first 7 star hotel in Venice Àman Canal Grande Hotel

Aman 7 star hotel in Venice

Àman Canal Grande – the first 7 star hotel in Venice A unique 7 stars hotel in Venice – Àman Canal Grande Hotel If a 5-star luxury is not enough, and you want a hotel with 2 stars in most, but especially near the historic center of this magnificent city, there is a 7 star hotel in Venice. Not long about 3 years, Hotel Aman …

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I’m afraid of the Gondola! How can i do?

Afraid of the Gondola

I’M AFRAID OF THE GONDOLA! I’m afraid of the Gondola! How do I? Visit Venice without a gondola ride is definitely not the same thing. All tourists who go there will inevitably end up navigating the Grand Canal in the company of a gondolier who tells him of Venetian monuments that look from the boat during the tour. After some …

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Venice in the world – as is shown in several places

Venice in The World

Venice in the World – We can actually find Venice in different places. Venice in the World – this city is not unique anymore – There are at least 97 Venice around the World! It is interesting to find out how a unique city like Venice, it can be found in different parts of the world. Venice in the world is the title that …

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What are the Venetian Gondola Races? 120 Regattas to enjoy

Venetian Regattas

Discover what are the Venetian regattas, in addition to the famous Historical Regatta. Many competitions are popular in Venice during the year, discover the most important. In addition to the Historical Regatta which is one of the most important and most anticipated events at Venice, there are other important races in which it is possible to attend every year. The …

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