Are there cars in Venice?

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Are there cars in Venice?

Question: The cars in Venice where are they?

Macchina a Venezia galleggiante
Ci sono macchine a Venezia?

One of the most common questions people ask me during my travels around the world is: Are there are cars in Venice? Venice is built on the islands and is surrounded by water and so there are many bridges in Venice that connect these islands where now over the years have been built houses, churches, shops, museums, and there are many “Rii” and the famous “Grand Canal “. In the history of Venice, precisely in January 11, 1846 was inaugurated the “Ponte della Libertà” connecting and still plays the same role, Venice to the mainland. Initially, it existed only on the double track railway line and later in the ’70s was enlarged to make room for cars.

But then the cars arrive in Venice?

Correct! In Venice there are only boats and clean air, in fact at the end of Liberty Bridge “Ponte della Libertà” along well 3,850 m, there is a space dedicated to parking and buses. Also before you get there, to the right of P.Roma you can turn and go up to “Tronchetto” an area dedicated to the exchange of goods arriving from the mainland to Venice and there is the arrival terminal of the “Big Ship” cruises. So there are a lot of cars, but the final answer to that question is: Yes, there are cars in Venice.

Where to leave the car in Venice? Which parking garage do you suggest?

Tips to find the garage where to park the car in Venice

Quale Garage a Venezia? Garage San Marco
Quale Garage a Venezia? Garage San Marco

When you arrive in Venice, you have to know that no less than 25 euro per day you’ll pay for parking the car, that’s why many people prefer, leave their car in Mestre and then come into the lagoon by train. If you’re going to stay several days, I think this is the best solution. Of all the parks that exist between P.Roma and Trochetto I suggest the “Garange San Marco“, they are very professional and have a guard on each floor, the one who parks the car if you need. Only thing if you do not like to leave the keys of your car to someone, this garage is not for you. In fact it is obligatory to leave the keys inside the car, in case there is a need to move the machine to another line.

GARAGE COMUNALE – Garage in Venice – Where to park the car

The Garage Comunale, is okay, has a wide ramp plans, and the price is always well 25/30 € a day, there is not the guard on every floor as the Garage San Marco but is very guarded with cameras , and you can keep your car keys, so this may be a second option if you do not feel to leave the keys. As the Garage Comunale is the first you see when you get to P.Roma, it tends to have a little ‘tail so I recommend going up down the road and then choose the Garage San Marco.

Curiosity – Cars / Cars floating on water in Venice? The story of Livio de Marchi

Livio de Marchi Art
Livio de Marchi Art

As you can see in the photo evidence for this article I wanted to use, it is very special, in fact it has a Ferrari F-50 made entirely by hand in wood floating in the main canal of Venice, the Grand Canal. That beautiful work was created by Livio de Marchi, very famous in Venice for his talent in woodworking. The only man to drive a car on the Venetian lagoon. In the eyes it seems unthinkable, in fact is what we have thought that group of Japanese during the tour in gondola that suffered took many pictures for this unique event in the world, to see a car that navigates through the canals of Venice.

Which wooden floating cars has been realized by Livio de Marchi?

I have documented a little ‘about it and I have done several investigations, finding that one of its most successful spots complete with everything we find:

  • 1937 Jaguar wood car by Livio de Marchi
  • F50 1: 1 the one you can see on the picture

É incredibile come l’immaginazione possa diventare realtà. Guarda il video all’inizio di questo articolo dove Livio de Marchi guida la sua auto a Venezia! e visita il suo sito ufficiale per vedere le sue ultime opere d’arte! -> Livio de Marchi

It is amazing how the imagination can become reality. Watch the video at the beginning of this article where Livio de Marchi driving his car in Venice! and visit his website to see his latest works of art! Livio de Marchi

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