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Welcome to VeniceGondola.com, this website is a idea of Davide Volpato, a young talent  venetian guy with the passion for the internet marketing and the free sharing information across one of the most powerful technology we are using today: INTERNET.

The mission of this website is ONE, give free helpful information with easy access to everybody about Venice. VeniceGondola.com is also a travel you will enjoy to follow, we provide original detailed information about the history of Venice and the gondoliers, make you understand, how many important facts contribute to build a city like Venice.

Some of the arguments on this website, are a mix of many research with did for you and put at one place. Find information about Venice, Gondola Rides, History of the Gondola and Reviews of Hotels and Restaurant, today is simple and easy to understand.

All the article are written in a way kids, young guys/girls and adult can understand. So.. What are you waiting for? enjoy VENICEGONDOLA.COM!