7 things to know about visiting Venice

Venice things to do

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7 things to know about visiting Venice

Visiting Venice is a unique experience, but following these tips can be better!
Here a new list with things to know about visiting Venice this year, hope you enjoy it.

1 Access

In Venice access by any means of transportation is forbidden, including bicycles. Keep right and do not stand in the crossing points: you can take a picture without blocking the way!

2 Means of transport

Purchase time tickets beforehand: they cost much less than a simple trip and allow unlimited rides for the entire period of validity

3 Floods

In the event of high water walkways are put in place: keep on the right-hand side and continue without stopping the traffic Taking a dip in the water or the removal of shoes to walk barefoot is not a good idea: the water is dirty and often ‘inhabited’ by rats.

4 Eating and drinking

It is forbidden to have a picnic in the St Mark’s area but you can stop further on at the Royal Gardens, or one of the many benches outside the above area. Remember as well the water is safe to drink from the many fountains in Venice free of charge. Apparently, the “Tap water” in Venice is amazing!

5 Gondola Ride

Each gondola station must expose a price list with the rates in force and the duration provided. If you want to avoid unpleasant negotiations on the spot, venicegondola.com let you book online via our partners a gondola ride before you get to Venice.

6 PickPokets

I always suggest avoiding keeping to much cash on you or storing your wallet in outside pockets. Venice during the busy periods of the year has so many pickpockets watching you and ready to steal your many, cameras or any things valuable to them. Usually, they are situated in crowded places, such as ferries, Vaporetto stops. Most of these elements are young girls difficult to recognise.

7 Venice Beach at Lido di Venezia

Did you know in Venice you can also go swimming in the beautiful Lido di Venezia beach? Just a few minutes from the center you can reach Lido di Venezia, where is situated one of the best beaches of the Adriatic coast.

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