Christmas in Venice

Natale a Venezia

Spend a beautiful Christmas in Venice Venice is a parallel reality. A city where anyone who goes can take refuge to live outside the ordinary. At least for a while! It subverts habits, forces unusual routes, slows the run a little and always asks to be admired. In fact, he knows he is beautiful, but even more he knows he …

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MyPass Venice – La to visit Venice comfortably

Mypass Venezia app

Why shoud I use MyPass Venezia? Over 20 million tourists every year. An impact too high for the city of Venice where the queues crowd the crucial points and complicate the traffic flow along the streets and near the main ticket offices, like those of public transport How to work together to solve the problem? A solution comes from the …

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Summer time fun in Dubai

Summer time fun in Dubai 1

Dubai is well-known for its luxury shopping, great malls, beach, deserts and sky-scrapper filled skylines. It is also known for its tallest buildings like Burj al Khalifa and Burj al Arab. It is the most loved destination by tourists. They visit this place all over the year to relief themselves from their everyday boring routines. People take a break from …

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Best 10 Ways to Stay Productive on Your Next Flight

Stay Productive

Are you excited about your next flight? Your next trip may be one of the best one for you if you stay productive.  If you are running a business or flying for a job, you may feel bored during your flight. And feeling bored is nothing but the indication of doing the things inefficiently.  But don’t panic? Because you are …

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How to avoid delinquents in Venice – Security Venice

How to avoid delinquents in Venice - Security Venice 2

How to protect yourself from pickpockets and pickpockets in Venice Certainly in the past I have written other articles about this topic (security in Venice) but I regret returning to this topic especially after the latest events that are happening in my city. Now this article is not to make psychological terrorism to tourists in Venice we are not yet …

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Preparing of eating fish in Venice

Which fish are available in Venice Venetians prepare fish and seafood very simply, if you are visiting Venice and you can find many kind of sea food and the taste its amazing. Fish are normally served whole with the head and tail which some foreigner do not like, but you can always ask to don’t serve like that. A lot …

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7 things to know about visiting Venice

Venice things to do

7 things to know about visiting Venice Visiting Venice is a unique experience, but following these tips can be better! Here a new list with things to know about visiting Venice this year, hope you enjoy it. 1 Access In Venice access by any means of transportation is forbidden, including bicycles. Keep right and do not stand in the crossing …

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Venice – A Floating City

Venice is Slowing Sinking

Venice – A Floating City Venice is slowly sinking and this is why Venice, the land of water, gondolas, and lovers is slowly sinking. Built on wooden piles in a Venetian Lagoon, a group of 117 small islands surrounded by water and connected by more than 400 bridges between two large rivers. A maze of infinite canals, colorful buildings, and …

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Does Uber exist in Venice?

Does Uber exist in Venice? 4

Does Uber exist in Venice? There is taxi service Uber in Venice? Uber in Venice would be a dream for many tourists visiting this magnificent city, but often disappoint because of the high price of public transport and taxi services, with costs actually higher than the European average. As I wrote in a previous article about the water taxis in …

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