7 things to know about visiting Venice

Venice things to do

7 things to know about visiting Venice Visiting Venice is a unique experience, but following these tips can be better! Here a new list with things to know about visiting Venice this year, hope you enjoy it. 1 Access In Venice access by any means of transportation is forbidden, including bicycles. Keep right and do not stand in the crossing …

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Venice – A Floating City

Venice is Slowing Sinking

Venice – A Floating City Venice is slowly sinking and this is why Venice, the land of water, gondolas, and lovers is slowly sinking. Built on wooden piles in a Venetian Lagoon, a group of 117 small islands surrounded by water and connected by more than 400 bridges between two large rivers. A maze of infinite canals, colorful buildings, and …

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Does Uber exist in Venice?

Does Uber exist in Venice? There is taxi service Uber in Venice? Uber in Venice would be a dream for many tourists visiting this magnificent city, but often disappoint because of the high price of public transport and taxi services, with costs actually higher than the European average. As I wrote in a previous article about the water taxis in …

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Useful Venice Apps for your iPhone when you visit Venice

A selection of Venice Apps that will help you when visiting Venice A wide selection of applications for your smartphone to use when visiting Venice. Venice Apps for iPhone. Nowadays, we are all technology, even the elderly now have a smartphone and use it know, I thought I would write an article about the best apps to download free and not …

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Where to drink the Spritz in Venice

Where to drink the Spritz in Venice? What is the History of the Venetian Spritz? Useful tips about bars in Venice where to drink Spritz, the famous drink very loved by the Venetians. The Spritz … surely you must be wondering why i’m writing a article based on the Venetian Spritz on this a blog, a blog that speaks about the gondolas. As …

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Venice Beach – Italy – Where is it?

Can i go to the beach in Venice Italy? Which beach in Venice to choose? What are the beaches near Venice You are planning visit Venice during the summer? Temperatures in Venice during the summer are perfect for the beach, surely many tourists who come to visit the lagoon city will have done a little thought to spend even a day …

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Top questions and answers about Venice

Venice Top Questions and Answers

Top questions and quick answers about Venice Many questions and answers about Venice, here all the right answers Here a complete article with all the top questions and quick answers about Venice, you don’t need to spend hours looking for the information you need, because VeniceGondola.com already put together all the information you need about this amazing city, Venice. ABOUT THIS …

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Madonna Like a Virgin in Venice – VIDEO

Madonna Like a Virgin Video in Venice

When Madonna record her music video  “Like a virgin” in Venice Many Music Stars use Venice Beauty for their videos one of these is Madonna Today i choose to wrote a article about this video, not because i like Madonna, but because is recorded in Venice and go around different hot point to visit in Venice and of course you can easily see …

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The Festival of the Redeemer 2015 in Venice

Redeemer 2015 in Venice

Finally returns Redeemer in Venice this 2015! Feast of the Redeemer in 2015 – Origins – Celebrations around Venice The Redeemer Feast is one of the most eagerly awaited by tourists but also by the Venetians, this event takes place every year in front of St Mark Square and there are many activities available to tourists visiting Venice during this period. This article …

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